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Power Rangers Nova (often abbreviated as PRN) is the second season in the Blade Series and also the followup to Power Rangers Rainbow Force and the continuation of the storyline begun in the film, Nova: A Power Rangers Movie , in which former Rainbow Rangers Cameron (Red Ruby/Titan Ranger), Connor (Silver Quartz Ranger), Noah (Purple Cobalt Ranger), Jacob (Green Emerald Ranger) and Maisy (Pink Amerthyst Ranger) return in the quest to stop the evil Imperator and his Imperial Forces fom making Earth his next conquest. The power of the Crystal and Elemental Zords are damaged in the process in the battle against this new evil, so Zordon and former rangers Stuart (Blue Saphire/Dragon Ranger), Emily (Yellow Topaz Ranger) and Amelia (Orange Amber Ranger) assist the Rangers in creating the new Nova Powers, which also give the Rangers new Nova Zords. The series comes after the movie. Its Japanese Counterpart is Eto Sentai Sutāranger (literally Zodiac Squadron Star Ranger). It is suceeded by Power Rangers Worlds United.  


After the defeat of Typhoeus and the closure of the Parallel World Dimension Gate. Omega too went into slumber until he would be needed again. The Rangers lost their original powers which were damaged and in need of repair. Zordon revealed himself and bestowed five previous rangers with new powers, while guaranteering the other three with pernament association in the Command Centre.


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WhiteTiger Cameron Worrall ► Serena Richardi
VermillionPhoenix Connor Piraino ► Fraser Zook
BlackTortoise Noah LaMont ► Oliver Greer
AzureDragon Jacob Sugita ► Daniel Thatcher
YellowQillin Maisy Chen ► Hannah Penley
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Gold Longma Stuart Worrall  (ep.14 - 36)
CyanQingniao Emily Piraino  (ep.14 - 36)
Pink Penghou Amelia Chen  (ep.14 - 36)


Zordon - Mentor of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Zeo Rangers

Alpha 9 -Robot assistant to Zordon.

TitaniumKnight Sir Merdaunt - the Archnemesis and bane of Sir Bendraig

The Rainbow Force Rangers

Amerthyst Maisy Chen - Ranger of Air
Cobalt Noah LaMont - Ranger of Metal
Sapphire/Dragon Stuart Worrall - Ranger of Water
Emerald Jacob Sugita - Ranger of Wood
Topaz Emily Piraino - Ranger of Lightning
Amber Amelia Chen - Ranger of Earth
Ruby/Titan Cameron Worrall - Ranger of Fire
Quartz Connor Piraino - Ranger of Quintense/Space

Drakon/"Jim Tepes" - originally the Dragon Shenzao, sent in to infiltrate but ending up betraying his former allegences and was stripped of his former power, thus becoming an ally.


House of Magnalympias

  • Emperor Tyrannus: The Main Antagonist of the Series. Emperor of the invading Orthys Empire
    • Empress Pallas: The wife of Tyrannus
      • Crown Prince Hyperion: The eldest son and leading general of his fathers army of Iron Spawn
      • Princess Vesta: the eldest daughter
      • Princess Harmonia: the younger daughter
      • Prince Krios: the younger son
  • King Iapetus: Tyrannus' younger brother, claims kingship of the Moon
    • Queen Theia: the wife of Iapetus
      • Prince Porphyrion: Tyrannus' Nephew

Knights of the Great Mountains: Five knights that swore allegiance to the emperor when he defeated them in battle, they fight to the death and no less is expected.

BrassKnight Sir Bendraig
CrimsonKnight Sir Pereder
BlackKnight Sir Cynon
GreenKnight Sir Bertilak
TealKnight Sir Kai

The Shenzao: 12 beast warriors that fight using the power of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

  • Rattrap:
  • Bulldozer:
  • Tigertron:
  • Thumper:
  • Drakon/"Jim Tepes":
  • Sandpit:
  • Kiron:
  • Ramsgate:
  • Monkeybones:
  • Roosterroo
  • Fido
  • Potbelly

Iron Spawn - The main unit of body of foot soldier in the Orthys Empire

  • Foot Infantry - Lesser Troops of King Iapetus
  • Foot Brutes - Lesser Troop Commanders of King Iapetus
  • Guard Militia - Greater Troops of Emperor Tyrannus
  • Royal Gurads - Personal Troops of Crown Prince Hyperion


  • Nova Morpher: Morpher used by the Guardian Rangers
    • White Tiger of the West Summoning
    • Vermillion Phoenix of the North Summoning
    • Black Tortoise of the North Summoning
    • Azure Dragon of the East Summoning
    • Yellow Qillin of the Centre Summoning
  • Dimension Morphers: Morpher used by the Dimesion Rangers
    • Gold Longma of the Supreme Dimension Summoning
    • Cyan Qingnaio of the Forbidden Dimension Summoning
    • Pink Penghou of the Heavenly Dimension Summoning
  • Nova Blasters
  • Nova Sabres
  • Dimension Blades


  • Celestial Cycles


Legend:◆ pilot zord, ❖ aux zord

  • Celestine Megazord
    • Mega Astraeus Megazord
      • Astraeus Megazord
        • White Tiger Zord
        • Red Phoenix Zord
        • Black Tortoise Zord
        • Blue Dragon Zord
        • Yellow Qillin Zord
      • Black Warrior Megazord
        • Black Snake Zord
    • Eos Megazord
      • Longma the Reptillian Stallion Zord
      • Qingnaio the Mystical Siren Zord
      • Penghou the Forest Sprite Zord


  1. Nova Part 1
  2. Nova Part 2
  3. Nova Part 3
  4. Down in the Dumps
  5. On Your Marks (The Race Part 1)
  6. . . . Get Set (The Race Part 2)
  7. . . . Go! (The Race Part 3)
  8. Eye of the Tiger
  9. Year of the Dragons
  10. The Tortoise and the Snake
  11. A Warrior Rises
  12. Bonfire Alight
  13. Its Grrreat
  14. Return from the Dimension Part 1
  15. Return from the Dimension Part 2
  16. Dusk and Dawn
  17. Awaken to Knight
  18. The Teal Knight
  19. The Green Knight
  20. The Crimson Knight
  21. The Black Knight
  22. The Black Knight Strikes Back
  23. Crimson Sky at Knight
  24. Brass Knight Part 1
  25. Brass Knight Part 2
  26. Titanium Power
  27. The Enemy of My Enemy
  28. The Rains of Camlaan Part 1
  29. The Rains of Camlaan Part 2
  30. Alpha and Omega
  31. Transfer of Power
  32. Pig of the Day
  33. Monkeying Around
  34. A Little Horse
  35. Breaking Down the Dimensions Part 1
  36. Breaking Down the Dimensions Part 2
  37. Charmed
  38. Serpent's Eye
  39. Barking Mad
  40. Unlucky Rabbits Foot
  41. Grab the Bull by his Horns
  42. Crystal Reformation Part 1
  43. Crystal Reformation Part 2
  44. Delphi
  45. The Murmer's Dragon
  46. Death of the Prince Imperial Part 1
  47. Death of the Prince Imperial Part 2
  48. War of the Worlds
  49. Resistance Part 1
  50. Resistance Part 2


  • The Zords are all based on the Chinese Constellations and Mythology

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