Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Reloaded
Number Rewritten
Number of episodes: 50
First episode: Kick It Into Overdrive
Last episode: An Adventure's Future, Part 2
Intro: Operation Overdrive ~ ReMIX
Adapted from: GoGo Sentai Boukenger
Original airing: TBA
Producer Saban Entertainment
Author: CureKurogane
Operation Overdrive Rangers
"Overdrive Accelerate!"
Production Order
Power Rangers Mystic Force: Rewritten
Power Rangers RPM Reloaded
 Power Rangers Operation Orverdrive Reloaded (or PROO Reloaded) is a rewriting of the 2007 PR series, Power Rangers Operation Overdrive . It is adapted from the 2006 Sentai series, GoGo Sentai Boukenger and it tells a different story of the rewritten series.


Intro from the premiere episode:
"An ancient evil known as the Demon Tribe has threatened to take over the world, five young people with different backgrounds band together and given the technology and weaponry to battle the Demon Tribe and protect the Earth. This new team is known as the Power Rangers Operation Overdrive!"

Powerful readings have been detected by many research groups from around the world, and those readings came from a dark bloodline called the Demon Tribe, who have once attempted to gain control of the Earth for their own purposes and the only way for it is if they find the hidden mystic jewels called the Sentinels that hold tremendous power. Because of this, news have been spreading like wildfire and it catches the attention of the Earth Defense Force, an elite organization located in the city of Sapphire Beach. Its founder, James Holland has unveiled his special project called Operation Overdrive Project, where five individuals were recruited and become a new team of Power Rangers called the Overdrive Rangers.

With the Demon Tribe lurking closer, Holland manages to recruit five candidates: college student Archer Blacklock, skilled chef Tokizawa Yuuji, aspiring stunt actor Jayson Huang, budding pop star Robyna Adebayo, and future family heir Chelsea Harrison, and give them the artillery to fight the Demon Tribe as the Overdrive Rangers.


Ranger Designation Name Actor
Red Overdrive Ranger Archer Blacklock Christopher Egan
Black Overdrive Ranger Tokizawa Yuuji Matsuzaka Tori
Blue Overdrive Ranger Jayson Huang Justin Chon
Yellow Overdrive Ranger Robyna Adebayo Celestina Aladekoba
Pink Overdrive Ranger Chelsea Harrison Gemma Arterton

Earth Defense Force

The Demon Tribe





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