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Power Rangers Poke Squad
Number 2
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Power Rangers Poke Squad/Theme Song
Adapted from: ?
Original airing: ?
Author: Anonymous
Production Order
Power Rangers MAX Force
Power Rangers Poke Squad takes place after the events of Power Rangers MAX Force. The Core Rangers are as follows.


Pokemon Name Ranger 
Charizard J Red Ranger
Feraligatr Lucas Blue Ranger                                                        
Sceptile Keith Green Ranger
Luxray Derek Yellow Ranger
Musharna Kelsey Pink Ranger                                                        

J - Red Charizard Ranger

Lucas - Blue Feraligatr Ranger

Keith - Green Sceptile Ranger

Derek - Yellow Luxray Ranger

Kelsey - Pink Musharna Ranger

Other Rangers

Then later on, the team expands and the following are added.

Pokemon Name Ranger 
Lucario Nick Navy Ranger
Salamence Owen Teal Ranger                                                        
Dragonite Keith Orange Ranger
Aggron Ira White Ranger
Staraptor Jet Black Ranger
Walrein Chris Cyan Ranger                                                        

Nick - Navy Lucario Ranger

Owen - Teal Salamence Ranger

Drake - Orange Dragonite Ranger

Ira - White Aggron Ranger

Jet - Black Staraptor Ranger

Chris - Cyan Walrein Ranger




In the episode Evolution of the Fittest, The Core 5 unlock power ups.

J - Entei Power

Lucas - Gyarados Power

Keith - Flygon Power

Derek - Raikou Power

Kelsey - Blissey Power

In the Finale of the series, J, Lucas, Keith, Derek, and Kelsey decide to unite the power to summon the Arceon Shield and destroy Greevil to save the Lugia Power.

After that, all the rangers went their seperate ways, except J, who stayed behind to help Arceus return Light and Shadow to balance.

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