Power Rangers Racer Force (Gmiester001 version)
Number 13
Number of episodes: 53
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Intro: Power Rangers Racer Force (Gmiester001 version)/Theme Song
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Author: Gmiester001
Production Order
Power Rangers Magic Force (Gmiester001 version)
Power Rangers Knight Fury


The year 3020 earth has developed. A new energy source. Known has

Munixal. A source that run everything but there is a side effect to Munixal it

Mutates being into hideous monster known mutants. A company known as Global

Corp plans to create and army of mutants to take over the city of Golden Hills

But one of there former scientists has create devices to street racing kids

To defeat this evil .They are Power Rangers Racer Force (Gmiester001 version)


Ranger Designation  characters 
Red Racer Force Ranger Bryon Kirby
Pink Racer Force Ranger Rebacca Lucas 
Blue Racer Force Ranger Gary Thane 
Yellow Racer Force Ranger  Misty Meas 
Green Racer Force Ranger Steven Emsworth 
Warp Racer Force Ranger  Slade 


  • Dr Ben Lucas


Grand View city


  • Mr Maximums
  • Osotisen
  • Sombibot
  • Enforcers

Muntant Monsters


Racer Force Morphers

Warp Racer Morpher


Racer Force Megazord

  • Racerzord 1
  • Racerzord 2
  • Racerzord 3
  • Racerzord 4
  • Racerzord 5

Speed Megazord


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