Power Rangers Rainbow Force
Number 1
Number of episodes: 50
First episode: Somewhere Over the Rainbow Part 1
Last episode: Final Frontier Part 2
Intro: Power Rangers Rainbow Force/Theme Song
Adapted from: Hōseki Sentai Nijiranger
Original airing: ?
Author: AdamantiumBladez
Production Order
Power Rangers Super Megaforce (Blade Series)
Power Rangers Nova
Power Rangers Rainbow Force (often abbreviated as PRRF) is the first series of the Blade Series. Its Japanese Counterpart is Hōseki Sentai Nijiranger (literally Gem Squadron Rainbow Ranger). It  chronologically follows Power Rangers Super Megaforce, but considers it to be the 20th Season, joining Power Rangers Samurai with Super Samurai. This season is followed by Power Rangers Nova.


It's 2013, it has been 20 years since Zordon put together the first team of Power Rangers to defend the world from evil. Now, since 20 years of villains have appeared, seven new rangers take their places in the new defences of Earth from a parallel dimension.


Main Arctice: Rainbow Force Rangers

Amethyst Maisy Chen - Ranger of Air
Cobalt Noah LaMont - Ranger of Metal
Sapphire/Dragon Stuart Worrall - Ranger of Water
Emerald Jacob Sugita - Ranger of Wood
Topaz Emily Piraino - Ranger of Lightning
Amber Amelia Chen - Ranger of Earth
Ruby/Titan Cameron Worrall - Ranger of Fire
Quartz Connor Piraino - Ranger of Quintense/Space
Syenite ? - Ranger of Continuum/Time


Ω-26 Omega - The Black Armoured Mentor of the Rangers, a veteran from the First Dimensionary War
Quantum Eric Meyers - The Quantum Ranger from Power Rangers Time Force

The Mega Rangers- the Predessessing Rangers from "Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce"

Sky Red Troy Burrows
Sky Pink Emma Goodall
Land Silver Jake Holling
Land Yellow Gia Morgan
Sea Blue Noah Carver
Sea Green Orion
Robo Knight Robo Knight

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Original Rangers from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2 that assist the Original Seven in "Old and New":

Tyrannosaurus/Ape Rocky DeSantos - Second Red Ranger
Saber Toothed Tiger/Bear Aisha Campbell - Second Yellow Ranger
Triceratops/Wolf Billy Cranston - Blue Ranger
Pteradactyl/Crane Kimberly Ann Hart - First Pink Ranger
Mastodon/Frog Adam Park - Second Black Ranger
Tigerzord/Falcon Tommy Oliver - White Ranger
Dragonzord Tom Oliver - Second Green Ranger

The Blue Rangers - The Blue Rangers from previous series that form together in "Eternally Blue":

Triceratops/Wolf Billy Cranston - Blue Mighty Morphin Ranger
Blue Cestro - Blue Aquitian Ranger
III Rocky DeSantos - Zeo Ranger III Blue
Mountain Blaster Justin Stewart - Blue Turbo Ranger
3 T.J. Johnson - Blue Space Ranger
Blue Kai Chen - Blue Galaxy Ranger
2 Chad Lee - Blue Rescue Ranger
Blue Lucas Kendall - Blue Time Ranger
Shark Max Cooper - Blue Shark Ranger
Water Tori Hanson - Blue Wind Ranger
Navy Thunder Blake Bradley - Navy Thunder Ranger
Tricera Ethan James - Blue Dino Ranger
B2 Boom - Third SPD B-Squad Blue Ranger
Water Maddison Rocca - Blue Mystic Ranger
Blue Dax Lo - Blue Overdrive Ranger
Jaguar Theo Martin - Jungle Fury Blue Ranger
2/Lion Flynn McAllister - Ranger Operative Series Blue
Water Kevin Douglas - Blue Samurai Ranger
Sea/Blue Noah Carver - Blue Megaforce/Super Megaforce Ranger
Stegosaurus Koda - Dino Charge Blue Ranger


Typhoeus - The Lord of the Demonic Dimension that tries to conquor our Universe.

The Nine Generals - Typhoeus' Nine Elemental Generals, bred to destroy their opposites in the Real World:

  • Aeolus - General of Air
  • Menotieus - General of Metal
  • Salacia - General of Water
  • Ceres - General of Wood
  • Jove - General of Lightning
  • Plutus - General of Earth
  • Vulcan - General of Fire
  • Astraeus - General of Quintense
  • Chronos - General of Continuum

Thrax - Son of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, Saved from being destroyed by the Sentinel Knight in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive by Typhoeus to serve him in the Parallel World.

Goldenrod - The golden clone and son of Zeltrax, saved from being destroyed by the Black Dino Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Thunder by Typhoeus to serve him in the Parallel World.

Princess Archerina - Robot Archer, Daughter of King Mondo of the Machine Empire in Power Rangers Zeo, saved from (possibly being) destroyed by Zordon's Energy Wave in Power Rangers in Space by Typhoeus to serve him in the Parallel World.

Scorch - The Leader of the Phantom Beasts and weilder of the Avalon Dragon Animal Spirit. Saved from being destroyed by the Jungle Fury Red, Blue and Yellow Rangers in Power Rangers Jungle Fury by Typhoeus to serve him in the Parallel World.

Xon - Typhoeus' cheif scientist and the head developer of his technologies.

The Toxic Rangers - Five (originally One) Rangers who were brainwashed individuals to become the Toxic Rangers, they are all named after and have some over control the element of poison:

Jasper Serena Richardi/"Dendro" - Ranger of Poison
Diamond Fraser Zook/"Neuro" - Ranger of Light
Obsidian Daniel Thatcher/"Phospholi" - Ranger of Shadow
Bloodstone Oliver Greer/"Hemo" - Ranger of Aether
Aquamarine Hannah Penley/"Cyto" - Ranger of Ice

The Parallel Rangers - Finding the parallel selves of the rangers in his world. Typhoeus creates them as his Parallel Rangers.

Morganite Nega Maisy - Ranger of Sky
Tanzanite Nega Noah - Ranger of Iron
LapisLazuli Nega Stuart - Ranger of Sea
Jade Nega Jacob - Ranger of Forest
Heliodor Nega Emily - Ranger of Thunder
Sardonyx Nega Amelia - Ranger of Stone
Beryl Nega Cameron - Ranger of Plasma
Zircon Nega Connor - Ranger of Void
Citrine Nega Serena - Ranger of Venom
Moonstone Nega Fraser - Ranger of Sun
Tourmaline Nega Daniel - Ranger of Darkness
Spinel Nega Oliver - Ranger of Sound
Kyanite Nega Hannah - Ranger of Cryogen

Ventus - The Main Soliders of Typhoeus, many are transfromed into his Monsters.


  • Crystal Morphers: The Original Rangers Morphers.
    • Blaster Mode.
      • Carbuncle Power Coin.
      • Pegasus Power Coin.
      • Tiger Power Coin.
      • Tortoise Power Coin.
      • Mammoth Power Coin.
      • Eagle Power Coin.
      • Wildcat Power Coin.
      • Titan Power Coin.
      • Dragon Power Coin.
    • Quintense Morpher: The Silver Qurtz Rangers Morpher
      • Q-Rex Power Coin
  • Crystal Cannon: The Combonation of the Original Rangers Weapons.
    • Ruby Rifle: The Red Ruby Rangers Primary Weapon.
    • Saphire Sword: The Blue Saphire Rangers Primary Weapon.
    • Topaz Tonfas: The Yellow Topaz Rangers Primary Weapon.
    • Emerald Equipike: The Green Emerald Rangers Primary Weapon.
    • Amber Axe: The Orange Amber Rangers Primary Weapon.
    • Cobalt Chain: The Purple Cobalt Rangers Primary Weapon.
    • Amerthyst Arrows: The Pink Amerthyst Rangers Primary Weapon.
  • Quartz Q's: The Silver Quartz Rangers Primary Weapon.
  • Syenite Sabers: The Cyan SyeniteRangers Primary Weapon.
  • Titan Staff: The Red Titan Rangers Secondary Weapon.
  • Dragon Dagger: The Blue Dragon Rangers Secondary Weapon.
  • Dragon Sheild: The Armour Worn by The Blue Dragon Ranger


  • Crystal Cycles: The Original Rangers Cycles.
  • Time'n'Space Quads: The Quartz and Syenite Rangers Quad Bikes.


Main Article: List of Zords in Power Rangers Rainbow Force

Legend:◆ pilot zord, ❖ aux zord,➲ carrier zord

  • Crystal Rainbow Megazord
    • Primus Megazord
      • Ruby Carbuncle Zord
      • Saphire Pegasus Zord
      • Emerald Tortoise Zord
    • Secondar Megazord:
      • Topaz Tiger Zord:
      • Amber Mammoth Zord: 
      • Cobalt Eagle Zord:
      • Amerthyst Wildcat Zord:
  • Mega Crystal Dragonzord:
    • Dragonzord:
  • Crystal Titan Megazord:
    • Titan Battlezord Mode:
  • Quartz-Rex Megazord Mode.
    • Quartz-Rex Zord Mode:
  • Syenite Dragon Megazord.
    • Syenite Dragon Zord:
  • Elemental Rainbow Megazord:
    • Fire Jet Zord:
    • Water Craft Zord:
    • Lightning Artillery Zord
    • Wood Sub Zord:
    • Earth Tank Zord:
    • Metal Copter Zord:
    • Air Racer Zord:
  • Q-Shuttle Megazord Mode.
    • Q-Shuttle Zord Mode:
  • Continuum Freight Train Megazord.
    • Continuum Freight Train Zord.
  • Alternative Combination: Titan Megazord Mode
    • w/ Saphire Power:
    • w/ Emerald Power:
    • w/ Topaz Power:
    • w/ Amber Power:
    • w/ Amerthyst Power:
    • w/ Cobalt Power:


  1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow Part 1
  2. Somewhere Over The Rainbow Part 2
  3. Don't Feel Blue
  4. Lean, Green, Fighting Machine
  5. Red Hot
  6. Yellow Bellies
  7. Just Purple
  8. Pen and Ink: Pink
  9. Orange As An Orange
  10. United We Stand
  11. Space For One More
  12. Quantum Power
  13. Clash of the Titans Part 1
  14. Clash of the Titans Part 2
  15. Sibling Rivalries
  16. Never Say Never
  17. Blue, Power Down
  18. Change In Leadership
  19. Power Protect Us
  20. Rainbow Power
  21. Return of the Dragon Part 1
  22. Return of the Dragon Part 2
  23. Mega Power Part 1
  24. Mega Power Part 2
  25. No Time At All
  26. History Re-Written Part 1
  27. History Re-Written Part 2
  28. Old and New Part 1
  29. Old and New Part 2
  30. Vehicles Rollin'
  31. Shuttle Time
  32. Train-ling Along
  33. Lady of Poison Part 1
  34. Lady of Poison Part 2
  35. Lady of Poison Part 3
  36. Lady of Poison Part 4
  37. Lady of Poison Part 5
  38. Un-Civil Dispute
  39. Playing with Fire
  40. Go Go Parallel Rangers Part 1
  41. Go Go Parallel Rangers Part 2
  42. Go Go Parallel Rangers Part 3
  43. Eternally Blue Part 1
  44. Eternally Blue Part 2
  45. Eternally Blue Part 3
  46. Xon Strikes Back
  47. Death has a Mask
  48. The Portal Opens
  49. Final Frontier Part 1
  50. Final Frontier Part 2


  1. Nova: A Power Rangers Movie


  • Stuart is the first Blue Ranger to lead the team.
  • Stuart is the Forth Blue Ranger to control the Element of Water.
  • Cameron is the Third Red Ranger to control the Element of Fire.
  • Maisy is the Third Pink Ranger to control the Element of Air/Sky.
  • Emily is the Second Yellow Ranger to control the Element of Lightning.
  • Jacob is the Second Green Ranger to control the Element of Wood/Forest.
  • Cameron, Connor, Emily and Noah share the same name as previous rangers: Cameron Watanabe (Power Rangers Ninja Storm), Connor McKnight (Power Rangers Dino Thunder), Emily (Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai), and Noah (Power Rangers Megaforce).
  • This is the first series to have most rangers related to another ranger.
    • Previous related rangers have been Andros and Karone (Red Space Ranger and Pink Galaxy Ranger), Leo and Mike Corbett (Red Galaxy Ranger and The Magna Defender), Dana and Ryan Mitchell (Pink Lightspeed Ranger and Titanium Ranger), Hunter and Blake Bradley (Crimson Thunder Ranger and Navy Thunder Ranger), Madison and Vida Rocca (Blue Mystic Ranger and Pink Mystic Ranger) and Gem and Gemma (RPM Ranger Gold and RPM Ranger Silver).
      • In some cases you could also include Tommy and Tom Oliver (First Mighty Morphin Green Ranger/Mighty Morphin White Ranger/Zeo Ranger V Red/First Red Turbo Ranger/Black Dino Ranger and Second Mighty Morphin Green Ranger), dispite the fact Tom is a clone.
  • This is the First series to include a Purple and Orange Ranger as part of the main team.
    • This is also the first time a Purple and Orange rangers have ben on the same team.

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