Power Rangers Return Of Emperor Grumm is a Upcoming VideoGame available for PS3 Nintendo Wii DS & 3DS


When The SPD Rangers discover Emperor Grumm has returned and plans to time travel and destroy other rangers The SPD Rangers must contact other Rangers across difffrent times.

Playable Rangers

Super Samurai

Jayden Shiba / Red Samurai Ranger

Kevin Douglas / Blue Samurai Ranger

Emily Stewart / Yellow Samurai Ranger

Mia Chang / Pink Samurai Ranger

Antonio Garcia / Green Samurai Ranger

Lewis Bashwell-Garcia / White Ronin Samurai Ranger

Jungle Fury

Casey Rhodes / Red JungleFury Ranger

Theo Martin / Blue JungleFury Ranger

Lily Chilman / Yellow JungleFury Ranger

R.J. James / Violet Wolf Ranger

Dominick Hargan / White Rhino Ranger

Operation Overdrive

Mack Hartford / Red Overdrive Ranger

Will Aston / Black Overdrive Ranger

Dax Lo / Blue Overdrive Ranger

Ronny Robinson / Yellow Overdrive Ranger

Rose Ortiz / Pink Overdrive Ranger

Tyzoon / Mercury Ranger


Bridge Carson / SPD Red Ranger

Sky Tate / SPD Shadow Ranger

Z Delgaddo / SPD Yellow Ranger

Syd Drew / SPD Pink Ranger

Boom / SPD Orange Ranger

Sam / SPD Omega Ranger

Dino Thunder

Connor McKnight / Red Dino Ranger

Ethan James / Blue Dino Ranger

Kira Ford / Yellow Dino Ranger

Tommy Oliver / Black Dino Ranger

Trent Fernandez / White Dino Ranger

Ninja Storm

Shane Clarke / Red Wind Ranger

Dustin Brooks / Yellow Wind Ranger

Tori Hanson / Blue Wind Ranger

Hunter Bradley / Crimson Thunder Ranger

Blake Bradley / Navy Thunder Ranger

Cam Watanbe / Green Samurai Ranger

Mighty Morphin

Rocky Desantos / Red Ranger

Adam Park / Black Ranger

Aisha Campbell/ Yellow Ranger

Katherine Hillard / Pink Ranger

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