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Power Rangers Savior Force
Power Rangers Savior Force
Number 2
Number of episodes: 88
First episode: The 5 Elements Part 1
Last episode: ?
Intro: Power Rangers Savior Force/Theme Song
Adapted from: ?
Original airing: ?
Author: Meste17
Production Order
Power Rangers Element Storm
Power Rangers: Savior Force is the second series created by Meste17. It follows three teenagers as they call on the powers of the heavenly angels to battle the conniving Sapan.



Savior Rangers

Color Role
Red Lion Michael Collins Jr
Blue Ram Gregory Peterson
Yellow Falcon Destiny McLaughlin
White Eagle Timothy Giles , later Michael Collins Sr.
Power Rangers Salvation Force

Gold Hawk Victor Meyer Christopher



  • Holy Father - Michael
  • Holy Son - Greg
  • Holy Spirit - Destiny
  • Holy Light - Timothy
  • The Golden Angel-Victor


  • Cromorphers: Crosses that they wear around their necks, like a necklace. They use them like sticks to morph.
  • Angeswords: Primary weapons of all the rangers.
  • Morphing call: "Pray for, Savior Force!"
  • White Ranger Morphing call: " White Ranger, Savior Power!"

Rangers Weapons

    • Lion Sword: Red ranger's primary weapon
    • Ram Axe: Blue ranger's primary weapon
    • Falcon Bow: Yellow ranger's primary weapon
    • Eagle Staff: White ranger's primary weapon

  • Angefliers: Rangers flyers
  • Angecycles: Rangers' cycles
  • Angel Battelizer: Red ranger's upgraded weapon
  • Trench Armor: Ranger's upgraded suits


  • Savior Megazord
    • Lion zord, forms the upper body, chestplate and arms
    • Ram zord, forms the lower body and legs
    • Falcon zord, forms the wings and head

Supplmental zords

  • Snake zord: creates a whip attack
  • Peacock Zord: creates a fan-like attack
  • Bat Zord: creates a boomerang attack
  • Hammer Head Zord: creates a hammer attack
  • Elephant Zord: creates a sword and shield attack
  • Bee zord: creates a projectile cannon attack
  • zord: creates an fan attack
  • zord: creates an attack
  • zord: creates an attack
  • zord: creates an attack


  • Sapan- Ancient enemy of the Power Rangers. Tries to turn the whole world into slaves of evil
    • Electri -
    • Vortix -
    • Kelvas -
    • Demonoids - Foot soldiers
    • Arthdrones -
  • Darkonda - Machinek used a evil wizard to bring back Darkonda from the Abyss
    • Shadow Rangers -


  • Unnamed Creature - defeated by the Elemax Megazord
  • Bullhorn - defeated by the Elemax Megazord w/ eel zord
  • Tankitron - tank-like monster. defeated by the Elemax Megazord w/Dragon zords
  • Beatbot - boombox like monster. defeated by the Elemax Megazord w/starfish zord
  • Subator - submarine like monster. defeated by the Elemax Megazord
  • Computron - computer like monster. defeated by the Elemax Megazord w/snake zord
  • Sleepinator- sleep controlling monster. defeated by the Elemax Megazord
  • T.V. Ton- tv monster who brainwashes people into doing dirty deeds. defeated by the Elemax Megazord
  • Dark Elemax Megazord - defeated by the Ultimate Elemax Megazord

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