Power Rangers Star Clash
Number 41
Number of episodes: 44
First episode: Arrival of a Rookie
Last episode:
Intro: Star Clash Intro
Adapted from: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger
Original airing: 2019
Author: VerizonGuy12
Production Order
Animal Craft

Power Rangers Star Clash is the 41st edition of the Power Rangers series. It is based off of the space themed Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.


Shifts in time have caused the arise of the Armage Regime, a villainous government that has taken complete control of the galaxy. As a result of the damages done, the largest Power Rangers team has to be formed in order to take back  control of the galaxy and save all of its people under its control.



Main article: Star Clash Rangers
Designation Role Actor
Red Leo Leon
Orion Red
Orange Scorpio Karich
Blue Lupus Garis
Gold Libra Panda
Black Taurus Taro
Silver Ophiuchus Ebi
Green Chameleon Camile
Pink Aquila Ashi
Yellow Dorado Zeto
Violet Draco Drango
Cyan Ursa Karyo
Phoenix Solider Maku
Teal Cerbio Prince Geron
Orion Master Rigo



Game Rider Ex-Aid Adam Olsen
Game Rider Braver Justin Parker
Game Rider Sniper Vladmir Jackson
Game Rider Racer Derek Franks



Game Rider Genm Elijah Thomas


Transformation Devices

Multi-Use Devices

  • Star Orbs

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon

Side Arms

Other Devices



Legend: piloted mecha, 2-person mecha, auxiliary mecha


Alternate Combinations

Star Clash Megazord

Dragon Star Megazord


  1. Arrival of the Rookie
  2. The Shining Tandem
  3. Pilot Down
  4. Evil Orange Heart
  5. All Assembled
  6. How to Tame a Pegasus
  7. The Keys to the Mystery
  8. Bon Appetite
  9. Dragonborn
  10. A Wish That Came True
  11. One Eye Short
  12. Refute of the Lie
  13. A Fallen Bull
  14. The Shadow Eclipse
  15. Love in the Last Branch
  16. Venom vs The Cure Part 1
  17. Venom vs The Cure Part 2
  18. Explanation?
  19. Relayed
  20. Battle to Unite
  21. Clock Hunting
  22. Snake Metal Part 1
  23. Snake Metal Part 2
  24. Resolved Mysteries
  25. Awakening a Legend
  26. Metallic Revolt
  27. A Pilot's Judgement
  28. Return of Operations


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Origin Chapters

  1. Chapter Blue: The Creation
  2. Chapter Black: The Expansion
  3. Chapter Yellow: The Assault
  4. Chapter Green: The Lead-in


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