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Power Rangers Starforce
Number 4
Number of episodes: 44
First episode: The 5 Shining Stars Part 1
Last episode: Final Battle Part 2
Intro: Power Rangers Starforce/Theme Song
Adapted from: ?
Original airing: 2012-2013
Author: Dragonzeron
Production Order
Power Rangers: Astro Force
Power Rangers Starforce is the 4th season of Dragonzeron and its theme is Legendary Heroes that have protected the world. This is the first time we see past heroes.


Long ago in the world of celestial power, the evil Space Empire Kublai attacked the universe. 5 beings with unimaginable power banded together and imprisoned the beast. Today, the Kublai break free from their imprisonment, so now the 5 beings must choose new warriors to stop them. They manage to defeat Kublai before confronting the Wizard Empire Garandian , and the rangers defeat them before a new threat appears. Let's hope the rangers win the battle.


Star Rangers

Red Blake Sanders
Pink Kate Hutson
Black Roy Williams
Yellow Kristien Riley
Blue Ken Johnson
Silver Daniel Walters


Name Occupation

Mr. Mitchell Scientist
Zador Protecter Of The Universe
Data Bot

Arcde Game-Like Device For The Rangers


StarForce Morpher- These are the phone like devices the star rangers use and they flip them up revealing a slot and they put the mystic cards into the slot and say starforce phase up and they change

Mystic Cards- these cards are used to change into star rangers and to summon weapons

StarForce Blaster- This is the side weapon that the rangers have and they are held on the right side of them

Rainbow Cannon- This is there finishing weapon in which combines all of there power

Lion Cell Morpher-This is Silvers morpher and resembles a more bulky phone and he puts his card into the phone and he closes it and says Lion Silver Power

Holy Lion Blaster-This is Silvers main weapon and acts as his finisher

Battilizer Staff-These are the staff of starforce and they summon it by saying super mode card in and then the element dragon gives them the powers


StarForce Megazord

  • Star Force Dragon
  • StarForce Phoenix
  • StarForce Viper
  • StarForce Tiger
  • StarForce Shark

Data Bot/Hyper Bot Megazord

  • Seaick Pods - Megazord Mode
  • Landick Pods - Megazord Mode
  • Skick Pods - Megzord Mode

StarForce Megazord + DataBot + Pods = Skyline Megazord

Battaleon Megazord

  • StarForce Lion
  • StarForce Boat
  • StarForce Blimp

StarForce Megazord + Battaleon Megazord = VLance Megazord

Zordon Megazord/Ship- Warrior Mode

StarForce Megazord + Zordon Megazord = StarForce Ultrazord


Space Empire Kublai

  • Lord Mothogon
  • General Mantiz
  • Night Weevil

Wizard Empire Garadion

  • Great Blob Bloabel
  • Army Wizard Kengon
  • Night Weevil Batwing

Robotic Empire Akusho

  • Emporer Hornbot
  • Marshall Lillian
  • Night Weevil Squidtron


  1. The 5 Shining Stars Part 1
  2. The 5 Shining Stars Part 2
  3. Winter Wonderland
  4. Rockin' Out
  5. Feelin' Blue
  6. Hard Work Part 1
  7. Hard Work Part 2
  8. The Pranks On You
  9. Girls Party
  10. Lost Partners
  11. Cut Corners
  12. The End Of General Mantis
  13. By A Long Shot
  14. The Invasion Of Kublai Part 1
  15. The Invasion Of Kublai Part 2
  16. The Return Of General Mantis
  17. The 6th Shining Star Part 1
  18. The 6th Shining Star Part 2
  19. Runaway Knight
  20. Fast Love
  21. Think Fast
  22. The Ledgend Of The Rainbow Part 1
  23. The Ledgend Of The Rainbow Part 2
  24. New Miracle
  25. Happy Mother's Day
  26. Laugh,Laugh
  27. Something's Fishy
  28. Sealed Deal Part 1
  29. Sealed Deal Part 2
  30. Helping Hand
  31. The Invasion Of Garadion Part 1
  32. The Invasion Of Garadion Part 2
  33. The New Empire
  34. Stars That Shine
  35. Mystic Crypt
  36. Snapshots
  37. Step It Up
  38. Crime And Punishment
  39. The Return Of Night Weevil Part 1
  40. The Return Of Night Weevil Part 2
  41. Making Friends
  42. Fake Data
  43. Final Battle Part 1
  44. Final Battle Part 2

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