Power rangers sp
Time Pirates
Number ?
Number of episodes: 62
First episode: A Journey Begin in Time, Part 1
Last episode: Climax, Part 5
Intro: Power Rangers Time Pirates/Theme Song
Adapted from: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Original airing: ?
Author: KAT349
Production Order
Power Rangers: Time Pirates is a Power Rangers fanfic. It's based on Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. It will be tied with the Power Rangers 20th Anniversary in 2013 is airing to Nickolodeon. Originally it was created and edited by a number of users, but it has been adopted by KAT349.


Just after they thought the war was over between the power rangers & Evil in Power Rangers Ultra Mega Force 1 year later The Repulsive Empire are the most dangerous evil Group have escaped from their seal & are attacking The city of Skyline City. And all the nineteen Groups of Power Rangers of the past fought against the Replusive Empire, which led to their ultimate sacrifice but only 1 ranger had survived a mysterious ranger that nobody had ever heard of named Red Ranger X. Now the Repulsive Empire have been freed from their seal aging & now it's up to Red rangers who were the children of the previous Time Pirates powers passed from parent to child. The tough John,tomboy Claire tech whiz Danny the strong siblings Joe and Lia & Big fan of Power Rangers Jaxon to join forces to stop the Repulsive Empire by becoming the Time Pirate rangers. The Pirate Rangers will travel from world to world (on their ship, Time Galleon) to team up with the past Power Rangers and other Heroes to defeat the Repulsive Empire & save Mother Earth once & for all and to find the greatest treasure.

Opening Theme

Go Power Rangers Go Power Rangers Go Power Rangers

Let's go Time Pirates!



The Pirate rangers are ready to win this epic battle the Repulsive empire will not rest until they are shutdown and no one can stop the

(Power Rangers)


Go Power Rangers Go Power Rangers Go Power Rangers

Let's go Time Pirates

Go Power Rangers Go Power Rangers Go Power Rangers

Let's go Time Pirates

Go Power Rangers Go Power Rangers Go Power Rangers

Let'ssss goooooo Time Pirates!



Pirate Color Role
Red Pirate Ranger Marvin Maxon

Joseph Acquah

Pink  Pirate Ranger Salli Mardox

Amy Mardox

Green Pirate Ranger Aidan Vallerte

Danny Vallerte

Yellow Pirate Ranger  Zoey Hutch

Lia Hutch

Blue Pirate Ranger James Hutch

Joe Hutch

Silver Pirate Ranger Jaxon Harlond





  1. A Journey Begin In Time Part 1 - A museum of the Power Rangers has been it grand opening, when everyone enjoy their shopping and looking at all Rangers, zords, weapons, Vehicle & Villains and monsters. When a big rip hole in the sky appeared and a Repulsive Empire destroyed museum and everything was sent in time and the Repulsive Empire went back in time of Power Rangers.
  2. A Journey Begin In Time Part 2 - Marvin gather four teen who were in the museum to become Power Rangers to stop Teradox's Evil Way's.
  3. Think it time - The Rangers need to think about packing up to time travel with Marvin, Skludy & Red Ranger X and leave there home town and leave their parent's. Later they made mind up and pack up everything they needed and finally ready to travel the world's of the Power Rangers.
  4. Team of Magical Force - The Ranges finally made it to the first world of the Mystic Force Rangers. But so have the Repulsive Empire have also made it to the Underworld and together they made a monster to destroy the Mystic Force.
  5. Caleb's destiny - Teradox waken a monster from being stone, and he's kidnapped Mystic red ranger parents and challenge him to a dual. But Nate Calen got a plan he'll become Mystic Red Ranger and fight the monster on his own.
  6. Framed & Fortune part 1 - The Rangers Travel in the year 2025 of the S.P.D Rangers, and they Bridge, Sky, Z, & Syd are trying to capture criminal for bad reason, When Terdox plan was to free Empire Grumm and team up with him. But Damaras already freed Broodwing and told him to find criminal that is great doubleganger, At the end Kat & others found the Marvin was robbing on bank's cam, so Doggie had no choice to arrest him or to give them their Ranger Keys to Bridge, Sky, Z, & Syd to transform into Power Rangers again.
  7. Framed & Fortune part 2 - Marvin are trap in his cell, but Bridge know that their framed, so he'll find out investigate. Until he knowest Damaras feed Broodwing on S.P.D cam. When he fight Mettoids and Krybots alone, Boom got his Orange Delta Morpher to transform into SPD Orange Ranger and Doggie freed the Time Pirates and team up with S.P.D. rangers.
  8. Day of Shopping - Marvin decided to take the Rangers a day off at New York City in year 2007, and Jesse shopping her socks off until her family cards is maxed out, so she ether return the stuff's she bought or get job as a waitress at a restaurant.
  9. Eye of the Jungle Fury - The Repulsive Empire made it to Dai Shi's palace of Jungle Fury and Teradox revived the Five Fingers of poison and awaken ancient warrior, the Rangers went to the Order of the claw and team up with them. At the end Teradox was pleased for Frigen to bring five of Life Talons, Teradox told Cacutis to mack Seven more. Teradox went to a secret vault of every part villains.
  10. Secret Book,spy on board,one came back - Skludy found the Book of Ranger worlds in the next world, but the ranger don't know that two of Teradox's monsters is spying on them. So Teradox & Frigen went to the vault and brought back Darkonda to retrieve the Book.
  11. Lion's Heart Part 1 - The Repulsive Empire arrived at Animarium they kidnapped Princess Shayla, when the rangers meet Cole as a Veterinarian. Insarn and Darkonda made special collar that attach to animals that turn into monster, so they try it on Cole's Labrador. When Cole about to get beaten by the monster when Merrick save him.
  12. Lion's Heart Part 2 - The Rangers need to think away to rescue Princess Shayla before Animarium is destroy, but Cole need Skludy to help him bring back the team, as the rangers about to rescue the Princess, Teradox use three Life Talons to open the spirit word and revived three Org general's & Cole show up and with friend of the Wild Force.
  13. Fuel Card - When Marvin knowtes they needed fuel to power the Time Gallon zord to keep going, but it only take Green Crystal fuel. So they stop at Los Vegas 2003 and take break, but Nick saw the Mettoids went to a secret behind the casino, so he follow them but Lexi also follow him, just as there wondering what there doing here Nick found the Green Crystal fuel.
  14. Samurai Power Part 1 - After Teradox fight with his son the Time Prince just he doesn't want his son to get hurt from the Power Rangers, so Darkonda trick the Time Prince to prove himself by bring back a warrior from the Vault. So as the Rangers made to the next world of the Samurai Rangers when they got trouble when Time Prince start attack then the Rangers saw Lauren defend herself from the Mettoids, at the end Marvin got hurt from Barizorg and Nate, so Lauren think she need Jayden and the others (Mike, Kevin, Emily, Mia, Antonio, & Lewis) to help out.
  15. Samurai Power part 2 - Marvin is having a nightmare created by General Knight fright and the other rangers need to get Marvin to wake up, then Lauren return with Jayden the Red Samurai Ranger, Kevin the Blue Samurai Ranger, Mike the Green Samurai Ranger, Emily the Yellow Samurai Ranger, Mia the Pink Samurai Ranger and Antonio the Gold Samurai Ranger use symbol power get the Knight Fright out of Marvin. Teradox saw that his son Time Prince fighting rangers and he went down the Samurai World to get his son. When the rangers about to be finish when other Samurai Rangers (Jayden, Mike, Mia, Emily, Kevin, Antonio, Wendy, & Lewis) came to help them. A Purple Moster tries to guard the monster.
  16. Smart then Smarter - Insarn is secretly working on secret weapon but she needed something so she call her old boyfriend Flametis get Turbo Rangers, Blue Senturion, & Phantom Ranger. When the Rangers made it to the world of Turbo Rangers & they went to find keys of Turbo Rangers when they saw the Blue Turbo ranger and storm Blaster are defending from Flametis, treacheron & the Mettoids. At the end Cacutis has almost finish her then the light flashes that show's a Black Time Pirate Ranger.
  17. Six for Revenge - Insarn made more Life Talons and Time Prince brings Choobo & Elgar back from the Vault & send a privateer named: Scythe who's armed with Keys of the Sixth and Seventh Rangers to capture the Rangers. At the end when the Rangers got the keys of S.P.D. Omega Ranger, Green Samurai Storm Ranger, Quantum Ranger, Mighty Morphin Green Ranger & Zeo Gold Ranger after the fight as their own keys, but Caleb, Joe, Zoey & Valarie are captured and left Marvin behind, so Red Ranger X plan to show Marvin something special for the team.
  18. Trade Backs - Scythe plane trade Marvin's friends for all Ranger Keys, so Marvin have no chose to give him the chest, Teradox gave Scythe three Life Talons to bring back Furio,Sculpin & Gekkor from the vault. When Scythe finally got the chest until Marvin planed it from the beginning and got on his Time Rider and know off the chest out of Scythe's hand and the Caleb, & the others finally got free from there chain. At the end when finally got all 16 of sixth ranger keys when they got message from Teradox & Scythe that they plane to destroy their friend back at New York City 2007, Lewis and he has more Ranger Keys is 11. So the rangers followed them to New York.
  19. Shines as Silver Pirate Part 1 - Teradox send his forces to find Lewis at New York 2007, when the rangers fought off the Mettoids & Clawdoids, Red Ranger X found Lewis on the monitor as the rangers ride on their Time Riders to get Lewis but Scythe beat them to it. At the end when Scythe crush Lewis's cellphone with the rangers pictures last time they were there, Marvin and his friends manage to escape mean while Lewis ends up in the land of dreams where all the 6th Rangers are.
  20. Shines as Silver Pirate Part 2 - While Lewis is in the land of dreams all the 6th Rangers set Lewis some challenges to see if he is the silver pirate range mean while Scythe will not get away with it, so he went down with new a new monster to lure the rangers into a trap. after Lewis completes his challenges The green Mighty Morphin rangers gives Lewis a Silver Pirate Morpher and Lewis went to help the Rangers and his dream come true when he became Silver Pirate Ranger.
  21. Silver goes bad - Teradox gave back Scythe's life energy and transform Pirate Black into Pirate Black Key, but the Time Prince found a spell to switch body's, so he plane to split the Rangers up and lure Lewis to Alcatraz island with a body switching monster and the Time Prince. Meanwhile Red Ranger X & Skludy went to the year 3000 to work on new Megazord for Lewis.
  22. Armor of Anchoron - Lewis didn't realized that Joe is having no attention, but Lewis didn't also knowtes that Red Ranger X secretly gave him a power of Hybrid to combine any Ranger Keys into one Ranger key. So he combine all 16 of sixth & seventh Ranger Keys into one hole key called: Armor of Anchoron.
  23. Time to get Lost Galaxy Part 1 - The Repulsive Empire arrived at the Scorpion Stinger and team up with them and plane to double attack, and the Pirate Rangers arrived at Terra Venture and they meet up with the Lost Galaxy Rangers, then Scythe summoned the Keys of S.P.D. Shadow Ranger,White Mystic Ranger, Wolf Warrior & the Magna Defender, then the Pirate Rangers got the Lost Galaxy Ranger Keys from the Lights of Orion. At the end Teradox will get the Cocoon, so they went few days to the Lost Galaxy.
  24. Time to get Lost Galaxy Part 2 - The Repulsive Empire arrived at Captain Mutiny's castle and Teradox send's Barizorg, Furio, & Darkonda to receive the Cocoon on the Scorpion Stinger after it crashes on the moon, the Ranges arrived at Terra Venture in the lost Galaxy and they team up again. At the end Teradox have finally have the Cocoon and Barizorg brought the surviver of the Scorpion Stinger crashed: Keglar.
  25. Time Warp Mountain Part 1 - Darmaras secretly trick Frigen to destroy the rangers on his own, when they arrived in Operation Overdrive. Then Teradox send Choobo, Gekkor, & Treacheron to Flurious's ice Den to receive Flurious's Gyros's. Teradox & Ivan Ozze have also gave the Fearcats a giant robot to keep the Time Pirates & Operation Overdrive bussy. At the end Both Time Pirates & Operation Overdrive went inside Frigen's Time Warp Mountain until there separated in time of Time Pirates and they have to fight some old monsters.
  26. Time Warp Mountain Part 2 - With both Time Pirates & Operation Overdrive trap in Time Warp Mountain & Tyzoon & Lewis battling the Fearcats's giant robot. Marvin figure out the way to Frigen is to fight and destroy the old monsters then it show's a portal where the rangers are fighting, then Choobo Gekkor & Treacheron return with the Gyros and Teradox told Insarn to made some new a just meent's on the Gyros & made a thousand of them to boost there arms. At the both Tyzoon & Lewis jump into Time Warp Mountain to save the other Rangers.
  27. Time Warp Mountain Part 3 - Both Time Pirates & Operation Overdrive fought off old monsters and they found Frigen and he brought back the old monsters at once to destroyed them at the same time, so after they destroy the old monsters and trying to get escape, but Frigen wont't let them. Then Frigen have finally transform in his true form. At the end Frigen through his right arm on the Repulsive Empire with the Life Talon on it and Frigen is finally destroyed, & Teradox thought away is to destroy the Pink Ranger.
  28. Child hood memory's - The Rangers arrived in North Dakota in 1998 and they continued finding the Keys of Operation Overdrive after losing them when Frigen is destroyed, then Valarie found the Pink Overdrive Key strap on the to a Teddy Bear that belongs to little Valarie, then Valarie finally realized were there at there in 1998 of Tina's child hood when she was 8 years old. Teradox revived Moltor and send him & a new monster to destroy both of the Valarie's. At the end Moltor return and saw Teradox is with Moltor's brother Flurious.
  29. Lightspeed to the rescue - Teradox trick Moltor & Flurious to enter the coccon & they both merged in a new Villain: Molturious. And the Time Pirates are out number by Molturious & Scythe's Ranger Keys, until they got to team up with Lightspeed Rescue Rangers.
  30. The Evil Ranger Keys - Scythe have found the Location of the Evil Rangers Keys there in the Negative World. So now the Rangers have to find the Evil Ranger Keys and keep it away from Scythe before he use them and to use a Crimson/Gold Pirate Morpher, at the end the Rangers may lost the Evil Ranger Keys but they did got SPD Nova Ranger, Spirit Rangers (Shark, Bat, & Elephant Ranger) & Ultra Megaforce Green Ranger Keys as there own.
  31. Ninja Ranger Powers Part 1 - The Repulsive Empire arrived at Lothor's ship and they team up to the Rangers together. The Time Pirates arrived the next world of Ninja Storm until everything is starting to heat up by three fire monsters.
  32. Ninja Ranger Powers Part 2 - The Ninja Storm & Time Pirates team up to destroy a powerful fire monster inside the volcano, but the two fire monsters keep the Time Pirates & Ninja Storm bussy until the third monster is fully charged. The Time Pirates need to barrow there Mini-Zord then the Ninja Storm Ranger Keys change the Mini-Zord into a New Version. At the end Insarn also create the exact copy of Lothor's P.A.M. that Teradox also needed.
  33. Switchuation - Darmaras want the Time Prince to try the body switching spell one more time on Teradox but Teradox found the body switching monster behind him, so send him to destroyed the Power Rangers. While Lexi doing some shopping in Los Angeles with Joe when they've been switched by the pratical joker monster.
  34. Dino Thunder Power up - The Repulsive Empire arrive at Mesogog's Island Fortress and Teradox and found what his looking for also Monktrap accidently activate Geno- Randomizer and create a monster. Then Teradox revived Zeltrax, Beezlebub and Foot soldiers from Holy Spirits. The Rangers arrived in Reefside City of Dino Rangers and they team up with the Dino Rangers and Red Ranger X & Future Omega Ranger making new weapon when teaming up. At the end the Rangers got 6 New Ranger Keys (Ranger Series Mammoth, T-Rex & Triceratops Ranger,, & SPD Gold Ranger, SPD Orange Ranger, SPD Red Ranger (Time Force Version) and Teradox had freed Lothor, but they didn't knowtes that Frigen was revived.
  35. Zeo's Will Be Heroes Part 1 - The repulsive Empire arrived at the Machine Empire and Teradox revived Louie Kaboom to join the fight, but Zeltrax only want fight is Tommy Oliver. Then the Time Pirates arrived the world of the Zeo Rangers and they ran into some when of Cogs and Quadra Fighters and three new monsters. At the end Zeltrax contact to the command center and challenge only Tommy to a one-on-on duel.
  36. Zeo's Will Be Heroes Part 2 - With Tommy dueling Zeltrax, the Zeo and Time Pirates Rangers fought off some monsters and Scythe summons all of Rangers Keys excluding his own to make the fight more trouble some. And Teradox knows what Red Ranger X & Future Omega Ranger big Secret that his. So Ranger X & Omega Ranger have to tell Marvin that he & scythe used to be his twin brother and scythe was called Tony he used to be good until The Time Prince turned him evil.
  37. Zeo's Will Be Heroes Part 3 - Marvin dosen't remember about he and Tony being friends but Red Ranger X & Future Omega Ranger erase his memories about Tony ever scene's he was kid. So Dimitria show Marvin's child hood memories with Tony, and Nate and others and Zeo Rangers can't fight them and Tommy is getting beating by Zeltrax. At the end Marvin knows what he have to do he must fight with his friends and get Scythe to remember.
  38. Zeo's Will be Heroes Part 4 - Zeltrax almost finish off Tommy when Marvin saved him and they both beat Zeltrax and team up with the Zeo Rangers and Lewis and the Zeo Rangers fight in there Megazords. And Time Pirates finally got all of the Ranger Keys expect for Black Pirate Ranger Key and Marvin tried to get Scythe to remember is real name is Tony aka Black Pirate Ranger and Scythe dosen't believe him so Scythe transform in his monster form.
  39. Anger Of Gold - Marvin is angry that he can't get through Scythe that he really his own best friend, then Scythe send Veker to destroy and mock him. Red Ranger X & Future Omega Ranger want him to control his anger before he put himself & his friends in danger, but Marvin some how use his to summon all of the Red Rangers he merge them in Anchoron Key into his own Armor of Achoron.
  40. New Keys & Blaster Part 1 - The Rangers arrived Charterville because Future Omega Ranger scenes the location new Ranger Keys & Lewis know what heroes in Charterville and he toke cab to Art Fortune. Meanwhile the Rangers found Four kids are growing up as adults went into Hillhurst and they discover the kids are adults Beetleborgs.
  41. New Keys & Blaster Part 2 - The Rangers travel one year into Charterville and Lewis finally Arrived at Art Fortune's office and he dream to make comic just like him and he and Lewis draw pictures of Beetleborg Keys and Art draw a Pirate Galleon Blaster,then the Rangers meet up with the Beetleborgs Mettallix and they team up. At the Ranges got new Ranger Keys and a New weapons.
  42. Foods Harvest - The Repulsive Empire arrived in Rita's palace and Teradox and Lord Zedd send two monsters to eat every foods. Lewis lost his morpher that's been eaten by the Beast Eater, and Zeltrax challenge Tommy to a duel aging. At the end Lord Zedd will never forget the Time Pirates Rangers.
  43. Friend Of the Masked - Damaras, Darkonda & Time Prince brought back three villains from vault, Darkonda and Ecliptor merge together aging. Then the Time Pirate Rangers meet up with Prince Dex and Masked Rider Warriors fighting against Commandoids and the Insectovore. At the end Damaras and Time Prince gather most Villains into a secret alliance to plane against Teradox.
  44. Time To Get In Gear Part 1 - When the Rangers got into a mysterious crash in the middle of the waste land and they can't contact to Ranger X & Omega Ranger. Then they just got ambushed by Venjix, grinders and four Attack Bots. Until they were save by Colonel Truman and his troops and the Rangers meet with Dr.K and RPM Power Rangers. At the end Venjix captured Marvin, Zoey, & Valerie and he now plane to make them his new Hybride, and Dr.K needed Caleb and Joe's Morphers and She show's the others a secret project that malfunkshun ever sence she was Alphabet soup.
  45. TIme To Get In Gear Part 2 - Dr.K is finishing new modifications on Caleb & Joe's morpher's & Gem and Gemma finished a new attack zord. The Beelzebub merge with pice of Motodrone and brought back Vypra. As Marvin, Zoey & Val about to become Hybrid they escape from Grinders and Kilobyte to Corinth then Caleb & Joe use the new gears from Dr.K called: Mega Battles & then they team up to fight against Venjix and a new engine is Eagle Racer F1 Formula Mode. At the end Teradox got the final pice that he need is upgrade key then Teradox had a vision of a Ghost Ship from the storm.
  46. Escape From The Flying Dutchman Part 1 - A strange storm some how appeared in Angel Grove and the Rangers think that the Repulsive Empire are behind this but it wasn't them. At the end after the battling the Sungormin's a Ghost Ship appeared and it taken out Lewis's Time Rex and it Captured Marvin and the other Rangers in their Time Pirate King then the Repulsive Empire followed the Ghost Ship: The Flying Dutchman.
  47. Escape From The Flying Dutchman Part 2 - Red Ranger X, Lewis and Future Omega Ranger tried to contact the Rangers but no connection in the Bermuda Triangle,then Marvin woke on the Flying Dutchman deck's and he lost his morpher and key then Marvin heard Valerie surrounded by Ghostly Crew's and capture her. Caleb and the other ranger found themselves tide up with Ghostly Crew's and there ghost Captain: Captain Dranaken with the Eye of Heart Desire.
  48. Escape From The Flying Dutchman Part 3 - Captain Dranaken want Caleb & other Rangers to join or their Time Pirate King destroy but they refuse, so Dranaken made wish to do that. Then Teradox sends Insarn, Barizorg, Choobo, Gekkor & Mettoids to receive the Eye. When Marvin searching his friends until his been ambushed by Caleb and the others Ranges but they've been possessed. At the end Marvin afraid that he and Insarn and the others have to team up until Marvin's friends are free and Dranaken made another wish.
  49. Escape From The Flying Dutchman Part 4 - Marvin, Insarn, Barizorg found the wheel and turn back to Angel Grove, Red Ranger X & Future Omega Ranger found the Rangers. As they fight off the Ghostly Crew's Marvin grab the made two wishes of his friends and there Morpher and Keys back into Time Pirats, & Insarn and Barizorg escape with the Eye. After defeating Dranaken and the ship is going down the Rangers race to Time Pirate King until Dranaken brought out with the Evil Time Pirate King.
  50. Fallen Of The Master Part 1 - With the Eye in the Repulsive Empire's hands, Darmaras wish for the potion of madness to make Teradox drink it, he drank the potion and made him gone mad and set corse to Operation Overdrive to find his dangerous weapon: the Time Scythe. And Frigen found the potion from Darmaras and he fight against Darmaras's alliance but he was taken down, when the Rangers are trap in another dimension and Lewis ask the team of Operation Overdrive to help freed his friends and stop Teradox, Red Ranger X, & Future Omega Ranger travel to team up with them.
  51. Fallen Of the Master Part 2 - Lewis, Red Ranger X, & Future Omega Ranger team up with Operation Overdrive to stop Teradox and free Marvin and the Rangers. Teradox finally found his Time Scythe and he battled the Rangers, then Frigen saw Teradox destroyed and all that left his clock, and Time Prince finally have the Time Staff. At the End Frigen will find away to bring his master back from the stuff he gather from each worlds.
  52. The Master's Return Part 1 - Marvin woke from a nightmare about the zords defeated and Marvin is also trying to Find his parents Andros&Ashley and his Sister Carly meanwhile Red Ranger X & Future Omega Ranger decide to give the Rangers the day off but Marvin won't take break. The the Repulsive Empire celebrate Time Prince's birthday and Venjix showed him that his father made, his own Zord, meanwhile Frigen and Insarn find the way to bring back Teradox in his new body form from everything he gather until they use Lothor's P.A.M. and turned the Sungormin's colors from Blue to Red Colors.
  53. The Master's Return Part 2 - Red Ranger X & Future Omega Ranger travel Dr.K's and ask her to make a new Engine cell, while Caleb defeated Barizorg in his Armor of Achoron. Then Kegler found the way to bring back Teradox is to gather everything he collected into the Cocoon. Red Ranger X & Future Omega Ranger return with the Time Pirate Engine Cell and the Rangers combine their zords and Racer F1 to become:Ultrazord Mode. At the end the Rangers about to finish Time Prince until they witness a new enemy appeared but it was Teradox in his new body.
  54. Asteroid & the Grunt - With Teradox back in full power he wish on the Eye of Heart desire for the dangerous & Powerful monster that the Ranger never faced before. Then Zoey & Valarie do some shopping while the boy's are in Angel Grove forest training their Armor of Achoron's until Beezlebub, Treacheron, Kilobyte & Sculpin appeared with there new Grunt monster. An Teradox make another wish for the asteroid to crash into earth.
  55. Space Chase - Scythe revived Deviot & Scorch from the vault and Beezlebub merge Grizzaka the Land Overlord. The Rangers travel to next world and there being out numbered by Beezlebub's forms & Psycho Ranger Keys when they got team up with the silver Space ranger Zhane to defeat them. At the end Future Omega Ranger need the Rangers in the year 3000 for a very important mission and zhane questions red rangerX about when is he going to tell marvin the secret.
  56. Past, Present & Future Part 1 - Alex need the Rangers to travel one year when Samurai & Ultra Mega Force Rangers team up, then Scythe,Grunt,Molturious,Imperious, Furio & Louie Kaboom travel to Silver City in 2003 when there surrounded by the Silver Guardians until Scythe use the Evil Ranger Keys and they head toured the Bio Lab.
  57. Past, Present & Future Part 2 - When the Rangers finish their mission Future Omega Ranger & Alex tell the Rangers to travel Silver City in 2003 and Scythe received the powder of Trizirium Crystal and Lewis merge Marvin's Ranger Key and Ranger Series Red Key into one new Key and the Rangers team up with Time Force Red & Quantum Ranger.
  58. One Chance to be Golden - With the Rangers take time in Queensland Valarie meet some one that she made her into a fashion model, then Teradox sents two powerful monsters to destroyed the Rangers. Lewis want Val to decide to become a Fashion Model or being a Ranger so she decide to become a power Ranger then she merge the Ranger Keys into her own Armor of Anchoron then she and Marvin kissed on the lips and Caleb, Joe, Zoey, & Lewis say Eew & Lewis go his Sixth & Extra Ranger Keys.
  59. Virtual of Venges - Damaras escape from the Repulsive Empire and now plan to get revenge on the Rangers, Scythe revived Oculous and they follow him into the next World were the Rangers are. And Damaras join forces with the GrimLoard's forces. At the end Oculous and Scythe captured Val,Zoey,Lewis & Caleb and Damaras captured Marvin and Scythe grab his Key and morpher and they left Joe alone withe the VR Troopers.
  60. Reunion - Joe was alone with while they help him find his friends, then Scythe contacted and he put Marvin in his cell next to her sister Carly. And Grimlord & Colonel Icebot created Cruncher bot and aknighlator to even things out. So Joe realized that he can't do nothing so go out and save Marvin.
  61. Go Green Anchoron - As Ryan Steel fought off Doomaster,Vexies,Ultra Skugs and Cruncher Bot. J.B, Kaitlin handle aknighlator while Joe faces Damaras. And Marvin was free and Caleb and are alive, and they saw that Scythe is helping them, the Rangers got new VR Trooper Keys and Joe is not gonna give up until he merge Black, Crimson, Violet & Green Ranger Keys into his Armor of Anchoron. At the end Marvin can't shake off why Scythe save him and meant someone will watch through.
  62. One world after a Mirror world part 1 - While the Rangers take there time for them self Marvin still can't get off what Tony a.k.a. Scythe said through a mirror. That night while Marvin walk though the dark ally he's spected that someone is watching him until he got ambushed by monsters that he can't see when he was save by Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and Wing Knight, at the end Marvin tried telling his friends everything then they got attack by the mysteries Rider: kamen Rider Surge.
  63. One world after a Mirror world part 2 - The Rangers tried and tried defeting Kamen Rider Surge and his/her mirror monsters and as the Rangers about to be defeated until Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, Wing Knight and Siren help them out when Surge escape through the Mirror. As the Rangers show Kit, Len & Kase the command center, Scythe and Monk Trap attacking Angel Grove with revived villains: Lord Mothmon,Barbotos,Blaalb & Belphoot and they saw Kamen Rider Surge is teaming up with Scythe and Kit,Len & Kase gave the Rangers power to see Mirror monsters.
  64. One world after a Mirror world part 3 - As the Rangers and Kamen Riders fought off Mirror monsters and Evil Ranger Keys, Marvin tried to get Scythe to remember them being friends, Kamen Rider Surge challenge Marvin to a fight in the Mirror World. As Caleb and other Rangers done fight the Mirror monsters they knowtes Marvin is gone. Red Ranger X & Future Omega Ranger tried locating Marvin thought his Morpher when Marvin is being an bushed by Surge and a new monster. At the end as Marvin back in Angel Grove when he saw Kamen rider Surge is knock out and de-armored and saw Surge is her sister: Carly.
  65. One world after a Mirror world part 4 - Marvin was shocked seeing her Carly, Len contacting Vent Master to bring the other Riders. Red Ranger X & Future Omega Ranger found out that his daughter Carly is being brainwashed by Teradox just like Tony a.k.a Scythe a.k.a Black Pirate Ranger, Marvin tried to get her sister from min control and the Rangers team up with other Riders until Kamen Rider Onyx accidently sent Marvin's sister into the Advent Void. At the end Len got an idea to use the combine time travel from Time Galleon and using Time Vent to turn back before the brainwashed.
  66. One World after a Mirror World Part 5 - The Rangers and Kamen Riders Travel back before Carly become Kamen Rider and they saw Carly is tide up by Grinders and Sugormin and Scythe about to give Carly her Advent deck of Surge when the Rangers and Riders escape with Carly travel back there present time line. As Red Ranger X, Future Omega Ranger, & Skuldy watch over Carly, The Rangers and Kamen Rider team up and fight against a monster and army of Mirror Monsters and the Rangers got new Ranger Keys of Kamen Rider's as Scythe a.k.a Black Pirate Ranger about to join the fight until he went into the future and finds out about a New team of Rangers: Power Rangers SpyBusters. At the end Carly came though saw her brother Marvin and his friends, Future Omega Ranger, Red ranger X,Dimitia & Skuldy.
  67. The Fight before Christmas - Twas the day on Christmas eve an all thought Angel Grove the Rangers spend some christmas shopping while Red Ranger X & Future Omega Ranger to Santa's Workshop. But not all whale with Repulsive Empire is capturing people and Ranger in snow globes an than, so it's up Carly & Zoey to save Christmas this year. Red Ranger X & Future Omega Ranger return with gift's for Zoey & Carly, Zoey got her own Anchor Key & Zoey got own Key & Morpher. Red Ranger X revealed his true identity it was Andros from power rangers in Space Red space ranger then dimitria Ranger appears and tells Andros about a top secret mission and takes Marvin with him.
  68. Mission Red Part 1 - When Andros lands in the Hall of Legands Andros & Marvin finds Future Omega Ranger,Golden Mellenium Ranger and dimitria and they tell them about these top secret mission that there is a monster that is very dangerous that is being controlled by a dangerous monster called Robotronectox has brought back Lord Zedd,General Shifter,MasterXandred and Cacosaures which is trying to turn them into a big giant Megazords and wants them to travel to each of the worlds of the Monsters, then they both go to Angel Grove to Find Rocky the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger and they find him at his Dojo and they See Lord zedd as a giant Megazord and they distroy him with there zords but Robotronectox disapears and blasts the 3 red rangers then Marvin & Andros Leave Angel Grove to go to Corinith.
  69. Mission Red Part 2 -When Marvin & Andros Arrive in Corinith they find a group of Grinders and as they were about to fight them Andros Gets Kidnapped and they take Marvins Morpher & Key, so its up to Marvin to save his father and get back his Key & Morpher with help from Scott Trueman the Red RPM ranger and they work together but that was until Robotronectox Turns Scott Evil and begins to fight Marvin and then a random golden Morpher & then Marvin found the Red Ranger X Key appeard in Marvins hand and he they began to fight and when Marvin broke the evil spell off Scott he turned back good then General Shifter appeard they had to battle him then they found Andros and they Freed him and then Marvin got his Morpher Back and Robotronectox sent's a Megazord made out of destroyed zords then the 3 rangers worked Together and destroyed General Shifter & Zord Scrapper. At the end Marvin & Red ranger X traveled to Panorama City to teamup with the 2 samurai Red rangers.
  70. Mission Red Part 3 - When Marvin & Red Ranger X arrived in Ponorama City they find a Teenageboy with a skateboard called Samuel Joo then Wendy appears looking for him and then she says that he is one Jaydens Students then they all go back into the Dojo where Reese finds Jaydens Morpher and takes it and then a group of Moogers appear then Wendy tellsSamuel Joo to stand behined the Tree and the 3 redrangers stat to fight the Moogers and then Reese joins in the fight and gets out the morpher& Red samurai ranger key then he Morphed into Red samurai ranger showing off his Martialarts skills, then Robotronectox & Master Xandred appeard then they both go to the baseball court then the Robotrectox turns Xandred into a megazord then all 4 rangers use there zords and the destroy Xandred then Reese gives his morpher & Key, then Jayden trains him then Marvin & Andros both go to Angel Grove Mountain to teamup with Devin.
  71. Mission Red Part 4 -When Marvin & Andros arrive in Angel grove Mountain they find Devin at the arcade but a group timevarities stopped them then Marvin & Andros began fighting them off then Devin joins the fight then the 3 red rangers Morphed then the Timevarities retrited. The 3 red rangers were into a dimension of Maze to find pieces of a Puzzle where they can distroy Robotronectox from turning Monsters into megazords they only had 20 minutes or else the 3 rangers will be destroyed and when they find all the puzzles and tried to get out Andros stayed because he said that Marvin & Devin must distroy Cacosoures & Robotronectox and makes Devin in charge of the pirate rangers and he said that he is not needed anymore and as Marvin, Devin & Red ranger X get out of the cave & Marvin, Devin & Red Ranger X destroy cacosoures and they did. At the end Andros went back into the Astro Megaship where he is joined by Rocky, Scott, Samuel & Wendy and Devin and then Dimitria appears tells them that they must work together as a team to distroy Robotronectox and the 5 red rangers all make there way back to Skyline City for the last mission together.
  72. Mission Red Part 5 - The 5 Redrangers land in Skyline City, Marvin he starts sword training but Andros tells Marvin that they are on 1 Mission Left and have to destroy Robotronectox. Marvin begins to relize that he is has Red Ranger X Key to defeat Robotronectox and the 5 red rangers get together to find Robotronectox and they all come together to distroy him & the Mettoids. When Robotronectox creates 5 clones of himself turned into Megazords, the 5 red rangers get there zords and then the rest of the Pirate rangers Appear and all 12 of the rangers get together and destroy Robotronectox and then a silver warrior called Gavin watches over them at the end and all 12 of the Rangers go into the Hall of Legands and Red Ranger X, Future Omega Ranger, & Golden Mellenium Ranger Key came to life & tells the Pirate Rangers & Andros that there is behined all the Pirate ranger Powers ,Weapons and Keys and Zords and then all the past Red rangers go back to there Time.
  73. Merge Battle - When the Rangers travel next the Ranger World then they saw the Alien Ranger battle Yetiki with their Battle Borgs then, Barizorg was sent to captured the young Power Rangers and he got the new power with to summon the Gormin arms. So Marvin & Ricardo both merge their Keys Into: Time Pirate Relver then Gavin watches over them.
  74. Switch Ranger - Zoe is taking a little girl called Nikki to the Park then Valerie drops her Yellow time Pirate Key then she Nikki sees the Key and finds out that Zoe is the Yellow pirate ranger then puts it in her pocket then Nikki bumps into Samuel Joo turns out that he is looking for Marvin and then the a group of Mettoids come together with Switch monster and they all begin try to kidnapp Nikki & Samuel then Zoe finds out that Nikki has here Key and then Nikki Morphs into the Yellow Pirate ranger. While Samuel morphs into the Red samurai ranger then at the end all the rest of the pirate rangers appeard Christina gives Nikki her Scarlet samurai key then Nikki turns into the Scarlet samurai ranger and Nikk i& Samuel destroyed the Switch monster then Gavin watches over them, then Back on the TimeGalleon Marvin gets a message from Scythe on the Pirate Globe and he had said that he should meet him at the SkylinePier at Midnight tonight so that he could finish him of and they could have one last Battle.
  75. Rednapped Part 1 - While Marvin decides to take the challenge the other Pirate rangers dont want him to go but he decides to go as he makes his way there it was a trap so that Scythe could kidnap him and put him in a cell and Scythe takes all his ranger Keys & Morpher while the other Pirate rangers go on a lookout for Marvin they find Monktrap all alone crying and Monktrap tells the Pirate rangers that Scythe has captured Marvin then they meet a Monster called Blantox as the rangers begin to fight him Monktrap helps the raRngers and then as they distroy him Monktrap takes the other Pirate rangers where Scythe took marvin then Scythe found the Rangers & Monktrap then monktrap & Scythe begin to fight at the end Scythe destroys Monktrap.
  76. Rednapped Part 2 - The pirate rangers are upset over the death of Monktrap while Marvin is still in the cell Scythe beins to fight the pirate rangers, then Gavin saved Marvin and Chirstina then Marvin morphs back into the pirate red ranger then Scythe reveals marvins secret that he betrayed the repulsive empire.
  77. Rednapped Part 3 - Marvin reveals to the other pirate rangers about his past and he also revals that he was apart of the humandroid empire and he was the cause of the repulsive empire coming back to life. The reason why Christina was captured and he regrets everything he did and that he is trying to find the Greatest treasure and it could only happen if they get all the keys and Scythe & the repulsive empire will stop nothing to get it but the other rangers except christina don't believe him, then the rangers start to fight Scythe then the repulsive empire create a big giant monster called Grunt then the pirate rangers begin to fight him but turns out that he is too powerful then then Marvin & Christina come to help them and then the rest of the rangers take him back and then Valarie kisses him on the chick, and Marvin trys to finish him off but Grunt retreats, Gavin watches over them then the pirate rangers try to figure out a way to destroy the grunt. At the end Andros goes back into the hall of legands he talks to Dimitria, Golden Mellenium Ranger & Future Omega Ranger about the greatest treasure.
  78. Ninja Power - As the Rangers travel the Ranger World they ran into Zedd and Rita's monster: Weaseljet and Scythe,Magma,Beezlbub Sugormin's, and new Witch Doctor monster who make people mean. Marvin tried to get though Scythe but he can't get though his Evil Ranger Keys. Future Omega Ranger sent Marvin,Caleb & Zoey to the new World while Future Omega Ranger Travel thought of the Ranger Worlds.
  79. Time to Meet GB Squadron -
  80. Scythe's Revenge - Imperious create a world to lure the Rangers into a trap, so Scythe takes Ivan Ozze, Darkliptor,Grunt,Lord Blaalb & Diviot to the fight. As the Rangers exsplore the mysteries world and Marvin herd aloud beeping that Deviot activate a bomb and end up injering Marvin and being unconscious, so Caleb and the other Rangers fight Scythe & the Grunt while Christina fight Blaalb,Ivan Ozze & Diviot but she didn't knowtes Darkliptor wait to strike her out. At the end Darklitor made a sneeky strike on Christina and Scythe and the Grunt knock out Caleb and the other Rangers.
  81. Scythe's Gone Mad - Scythe gets on the Time Galleon zord and summon a bunch of Ranger Keys excluding the Time Pirate Keys. Caleb, Joe,Zoey,Val & Ricardo take Marvin and Christina to the old abanded Church, and Caleb and the other Ranger head tord the ship and they saw the the Time Galleon is gauded by a bunch of Ranger Keys. At the end Marvin woke up from injery and remember that he have one Ranger Key with him: Red Ranger X.

Power Rangers Time Pirates Season 2

  1. Up Against Scythe - As Caleb and the others Rangers sneek on the ship and they confronted by the Ranger Keys of Time Pirates. Marvin realize the way to bring back Tony to his scenes, then Beezlbub's revived Olympius and Barbrax. At the end Caleb and the other rangers defeated and brought back their Key then they tried defeating Scythe with Armor of Anchoron and Pirate Galleon Blaster but nothing work. At the end Marvin blast the Pirate Trumpet out of Scythe hand and Marvin Morph and he begin to duel Scythe.
  2. Game Over Scythe - Scythe and Marvin continued to fight and Marvin use Red Ranger X and almost finish Scythe off he use the power of Red Ranger X and turned Scythe back to his friend: Tony. As they take they take Tony to the Time Galleon Tony was strike from behined he became badly wounded by Barbrax and Beezlebub, Olympius seperated Tony's monster form and made it go berserk and they took the Time Trumpet, so Caleb and the other Rangers destroyed Scythe monster by triangle formation of Armor of Anchoron. At the end Marvin take Tony to the healing chamber and Andros saw a portal open and Future Omega Ranger return with bad injury with some one he brought from the Ranger World: Cybo.
  3. It's a Miracle - As Future Omega Ranger and tony getting their revcovery Marvin is up set that he never should become a Power Ranger, so the other Rangers told Marvin though out the time and memory from being a power Ranger. So as Tony life is going away they saw in the sky is Red Ranger X's old friend:Animus, he need Marvin to morph into Red Ranger X and Animus and Marvin use there power to bring Tony back to life then Tony awaken and Marvin interdus his friends and the tour of the comand center.
  4. Metallix Black Good - Marvin want Tony to join the team but he dosen't want to take the risk, so Tony walked around Skyline beach and he thought of it then Treacheron appeared with Grinders an capture him. The Ranger reseve a transmission from Treacheron that he want the Ranger Chest or else Tony goes with a Bang. The Marvin gave Treacheron the Chest but only got an empty fake and the Rangers tried defeating Treacheron but his to strong, until Tony tried to get out of chain then his Key & Morpher change into a new Ranger:Time Pirate Metallix Black Ranger.
  5. Memory is a blur - Andros is almost rebooting Cybro when he saw his monitor showing Cybro is escaping with Future Omega Ranger & Golden Mellenium Ranger carrying an object in his hand. The Rangers watch Tony training in his Armor of Anchoron when Tony's remembering that the Repulsive Empire have prisoners aborded then Triskull,Furio & Vexacus were searching for something. Andros tried contact Marvin and the other Rangers until Vexacus made a strike on them, as there fighting the enemys Tony take out Sugormins founding the Holy Horn.
  6. Time Stop - Marvin & Tony saw that time has some how stop they saw the Teradox up on the roof but he disappeared, Tony knowtes something different about Teradox. Val & the girls were gang up by Timverites & revived villains Hekatoaid & Beelzebub Vexacus Form, Andros found the trais of Time Stopping that Insarin made a Time Jammer and Teradox that Marvin & Tony saw was clone from his old body.
  7. Back to Black -The pirate rangers rangers are on the look out for the Triangulum Treasure so the rangers split up Marvin,Valarie,Christina Calab,Zoe ,Joe and Ricardo and Tony so Ricardo and Tony see an army of Mettoids go into a cave so they follow them but Tony relizes that theres no monster with them and Ricardo and Tony get caught by insarn and she blasts Ricardo and he cant move and then Tony morphs into the black mighty morphin ranger but Insarn steals his key and while tony trys to get back his key from insarn he trys to get ricardo back up then as Tony fights the Mettoid on his own Zack tyler former Black mighty morphin ranger comes and helps at the end tony gets back his key but Insarn runs away and Zack gives Tony&Marvin,Joe the mighty morphin battle mode keys.
  8. Fire & Ice Part 1 - A strange things is happening in Skyline city one part is cover icey snow & the other is being heating up to 150 degrees, so the Rangers split up to see what's happening then Marvin,Val & Tony found Moltorious is behind this and he froze there Morphers.
  9. Fire & Ice Part 2 - The Rangers are helpless with there Morpher frozen and they need to defeat Moltorious, Andros finally rebooting Cybro and he sent him to help the rangers and he gave the the Rangers two new Ranger Keys: Future Omega Ranger, Golden Millienium Ranger to defeat Moltorius. At the end the Ranger Keys started to glow and turned Skuldy into a door and Ranger X, Future Omega Ranger & Golden Mellenium Ranger told them the Treasure they seek is right thought the door and they open it with all Red Ranger Keys and walk right through.
  10. Trianglum Treasure Part 1 - Red Ranger X, Future Omega Ranger & Golden Mellenium Ranger told Marvin and the other Rangers there's five challenge to task and he took there morphers. They complete the Maze, combination of Ranger History & Puzzle.
  11. Trianglum Treasure Part 2 - The Rangers finished the three challenge and they finished the challenge were they use the Ranger Key to escape the room of water and they found the Trianglum Treasure but Marvin knowtes there three but Marvin use his enstin and know which is the is the real Treasure. At the end Red Ranger X, Future Omega Ranger & Golden Mellenium Ranger need the Ranger to get the Eye of Heart Desire from the Repulsive Empire.
  12. Plane into Action - The Rangers sneek abourd to the repulsive Empire while there a sleep. They split up Marvin, Tony, Val & Christina went to find the Eye while Caleb, Joe, Zoey, & Ricardo find the prisoners but they didn't knowtes Beezlebub's bats are watch their every move. Caleb and the others found the prisoners and it the the Ultra Megaforce Rangers. Marvin and Tony almost got the eye until they've been cought by Beezlebub,Insarn & Barizorg, then Joe free them and they escape with the Ultra MegaForce Rangers.
  13. Battle of the Zords - With rescue plane was sucess but Insarn attacks the commaned center with her zord. While the Rangers handle Insarn, Andros saw Barizorg and the army of Mettoids and Sugormins are heading toured them but Tony, Donnie, Jamie, Kenny & Chris fought them off as they could but most of the Mettoids got to the command center so Dimitra telaported out with Cybro and the Ultra Megaforce Rangers before it blows up.
  14. Date with Danger - The Rangers found Skludy & Andros servied and Dimitria brought the Ultra Megafore safely then Darkonda came with a bunch of revived villains came to get the Ranger Chest. The Rangers fought and defeat them as they could, Marvin saw Darkonda trying to escape with the chest but Marvin manage to try take back but only got Ultra Megaforce Ranger Keys. At the end Repulsive Empire fleets starting to the invasion, However Chris, Kenny, Jamie and Donnie a new rangers to help the ime Pirates.
  15. Climax Part 1 - The Rangers fought aginst a bunch of Repulsive Empire's Fleets but they have taken out there zords. Then Teradox use all his powers of Time staff to combine all worlds into one and they invaded and attacking everyone and Frigen summon all Ranger Keys and made them attack everything. At the end Marvin and the other Rangers servied the crash and they went to find Andros, Future Omega Ranger, Golden Mellenium Ranger, Ultra Megaforce and Skludy in the secret underground base that Marvin knows.
  16. Climax Part 2 - As they head toured to underground base they saw Kilobyte, & Elgar are making peoples slaves and Jaxon saw on the tv that Repulsive fleets is attacking everything and the Ranger Keys are hurting peoples. They meat up with Tommy,Adam, Kimberly, & Zhane helping them out but Tommy distracted Zeltrax while the others get through. As the Marvin and the others made it to the base they found Andros, Future Omega Ranger,Golden Mellenium Ranger and the Ultra Megaforce Rangers came through.
  17. Climax Part 3 - As they plane for the final battle with the Teradox, Red Ranger X want to show them something first of every battles, every fight and everything that all power rangers fought for. So Marvin realisd what to do they give up the trianglum Treasure for everything. At the end Marvin and the others gave the Ranger Keys to the Power Rangers Ultra Megaforce for the final battle.
  18. Climax Part 4 - The Time Pirates and Ultra Megaforce Rangers team up together and they fought against the revived villains and saving there friends. They went to mountain and found Frigen bought the Ranger Chest with the Key cannon and he summon all of the Keys, So they fought and they gain back the Ranger Keys. So Marvin, Jaxon, & Tony take Time Galleon up to the Repulsive Empire to face Teradox.
  19. Climax Part 5 - Marvin & Jaxon destroy the Teradox's ship and Venjix transfure into the body out and the Repulsive Empire is destroyed but Teradox & Frigen fight the Rangers until they the Time Pirates & Ultra Megaforce Rangers finally destroyed Teradox with the Power Rangers Bazooka but Frigen brought the cocoon & the bat hive and he merge together with what's left of Teradox and they became into a colossus size monster and brought back the Revived Villains. As they tried there zords to destroy him then the Ranger Keys gone crazy and every Megazords came to help this shall be the Rangers ultimate final battle.

Special Episodes

  • Saben Presents Power Riders The Movie-Special Movie Power rangers & Kamen Rider & Masked Rider Team up.
  • It's Turtle Time The Movie 2 - A movie of Power Rangers Time Pirates & TMNT teamup against Repulsive Empire & the Shredderborg.

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