Power Rangers X-Force

Abbreviated PRXF

Power Rangers. X-Force (Gmiester001 version)
Number 43
Number of episodes: 50
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Intro: Power Rangers X-Force (Gmiester001 version)/Theme Song
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Author: Gmiester001
Production Order
Power Rangers Card Summoners
Power Rangers Earth Force (Gmiester001 version)


A malevolent alien race has been abducting people from all over world replacing them with duplicates of themselves and know one knows the difference but one top secret organization has been the abductions mon




Red X-Force Ranger  Terry Padley 
Pink X-Force Ranger Valerie Sevick 
Blue X-Force Ranger  Rico Ariza 
Yellow X-Force Ranger  Belle Meadow 
Black X-Force Ranger  Kal Ralphs 
Uranium Hunter Marix 



  • Xenmus
  • Karzhan
  • Zydiaz
  • Tangon
  • Shida
  • Borls
  • Scygons




X-Force Megazord

  • Jet Zord
  • Car Zord
  • Truck Zord
  • Boat Zord
  • Copter Zord


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