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Power Rangers: Zero
Number 1
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Power Rangers Zero/Theme Song
Adapted from: Himitsu Sentai Goranger
Original airing: ?
Author: Xaypay
Production Order
Power Rangers: Dairanger
Power Rangers Zero is a Power Rangers television series loosely based on Himitsu Sentai Goranger, the very first Super Sentai season. It takes place in 2010 and 2024. This Story takes place before xaypay's Power Rangers: Dairanger


Red Charlie Thomas
Blue Andy Tori
Yellow Jarvis Paulson
Pink Peggy Martha
Green Ricky Smith
Crystal Charlotte Waters


Several years before Zordon first assembled together a team of "teenagers with attitude", his female Sea Scorpion-themed Apprentice Scorpia had secretly created 5 new ranger powers. In the distant future, she sent them to 5 random college students with attitude to fight the evil Shadow Renegades who came from deep beneath the Earth and wish to erase the Power Rangers from history, with only the Zero Rangers standing in their way.

Villains (Shadow Renegades)

Xerxes - Leader of the Shadow Renegades

Xerxes revived 3 historic Power Rangers villains to aid him and became Shadow Renegades themselves :

Venjix (From RPM)

Vrak (From Megaforce)

Sculpin (From Mystic Force)

Under the generals are Ghoulites, foot soilders that compose a mass army for the Shadow Renegades


Red Ranger's Equipment 

  • Silver Blaster
  • Power Rope

Blue Ranger's Equipment 

  • Power Archer
  • Ultra Power Archer

Yellow Ranger's Equipment 

  • Power Transmitter
  • Power Pole

Pink Ranger's Equipment 

  • Power Deflector
  • Power Chargers

Green Ranger's Equipment 

  • Power Rang
  • Pinball Puncher


The Zords are called NegaZords, and are themed around Cambrian Sea Creatures

  • Anamolocaris Jet: Charlie's Zord, which can transform into the NegaSea Megazord that combine with the rest of the NegaZords to form the Zero Megazord. Forms the Torso of the Zero Megazord.
  • Anamolocaris Jet 2.0: Andy's Upgraded model of the Anamolocaris Jet with multicolored 'Fins' and launching fang missles (can store the two zord vehicles). Forms the back of the Zero Megazord
  • Trilobite Tank: Jarvis' Zord, with extendable grabber arms. Form the left Leg and Arm of the Zero Megazord.
  • Jellyfish Floater: Peggy's Zord with extendable Tentacles and hypnotic Shield. Forms the Head and Left arm of the Zero Megazord
  • Haikouichthys Zoomer: Ricky's Zord with Laser Shooters. Forms right Leg of the Zero Megazord.