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Psycho Green
Psycho Green
Gender: Male
Season(s): Element Fury
Mighty Thunderbirds
Colors: Green
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode
Psycho Green
Psycho Green's monster form

Psycho Green was based on the brain wave patterns of Mark Vostro and had knowledge of all of Mark's weapons and strategies. He is a repaint of Psycho Black.


As Psycho Black

He was the most level-headed of the team and the most willing to follow orders. Along with the other four Psycho Rangers, he almost successfully eliminated Carlos but was pulled out of the battle by Astronema and later was destroyed and put on a digital card and sent to an unknown planet where a year later, Deviot found the cards and unleashed the Psychos on the Lost Galaxy Rangers. Psycho Black went after Damon and was later permanently destroyed by Carlos and Damon. Psycho Black used the Psycho Rod and had a rock based monster form.

As Psycho Green

He, along with the rest of the Psycho Rangers, were rebuilt (and repainted in Psycho Green's case) with knowledge of their respective Element Fury Ranger, who in Green's case was Mark.


  • Green Psycho Rod
  • Green Psycho Axe