Gender Male
Villain Type Minion
Species Cyborg
Series Power Rangers: Forever Furious
Psycorogue is a servant of Zurui.


Little is known about Psycorogue's past, but it appears he was human in his past years. He was somehow rebuilt into a cyborg; probably by Zurui himself.

During the series

Psycorogue often appears at Zurui's side. Being very faithful to him, he listened to his every command. However, Psycorogue was shown very little respect in turn, so he decided to turn against Zurui and flee the main headquarters. He then built his own headquarters, which bares a strong resemblance to the Dino Ultrazord in Mighty Morphin. His HQ is revealed to be mobile in the second to last episode. During this episode, he was defeated by Zurui.


Psycorogue is shown to be a guy with a great sense of humor; often telling jokes to the other minions. Happy, loyal, and somewhat silly, he always provided the monsters throughout the series. That is, of course, before he turned against Zurui.