Rachel Simpson is the Yellow Oceanic Ranger from Power Rangers: Ocean Charge. She is another one of the Oceanic Rangers. In the series, Rachel thinks she knows everything in the world, but she is the best person to tell the truth. At home she plants a lot of flowers, and also has a crush on Tyler.

(Rachel is portrayed by TBA)


  • She controls the Lighting Grips
  • She has a Wave Racer and Wave Flyer


She controls the Mantaray zord.

Pearl of Power

She is the chosen holder of the Pearl of Serenity along with the other five pearls give him and the others the Trench Armor.


Power Rangers: Ocean Charge

All 42 episodes

Power Rangers: Ocean Charge - The Movie

Set a year after Ocean Charge series and before the upcoming events of the movie, Rachel and Tyler are having problems in their relationship. She is a assistant to one of the world's leading botanist.

Power Rangers: Spy Ops

  • Loosing Earth, part 1
  • Loosing Earth, part 2

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