Rangers Gone Wild is the first episode of PRUW.


-Tyson was riding his motorcycle around town.-

(Tyson): Ha.... I showed them.... I don't need them anymore....

-At the Rangers' Base...-

(Leon): Where Ty go?

(Kelley): He obviously trashed the place, and walked away.

(Leon): Why Ty do that? Ty mad?

-Back to Tyson.-

(Tyson): Apparently I need 999 zords to be master of the animals...

-Tyson parked his bike at a garage and got off of it.-

(Tyson): Back to the start...

-The crocodile zord, but the size of a regular crocodile, approached Tyson.-

(Tyson): I'm back.

-Tyson gave Crocozord a bone. It trudged off happily.-

-Back to the Good Rangers.-

(Leon): I think where Tyson is.

(Kelley): Where!?

-A dog ran up to Leon.-

(Leon): Tyson!

(Kelley): Tyson.. Our... Old... Friend...

(Dog): Woof!

-Suddenly, we see the giant crocozord destroying the city...-

(Leon): Tyson!

(Sean): Correct! And you win-

(Leon): Shiny nickel!?

(Sean): Yeah. Knock yourself out.

-Sean threw a shiny nickel into the croczord's mouth.-



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