Tyler Navarro
Red Dino Charge Ranger
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers Dino Charge
Colors: Red
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Dino...Charge !,pt.1
Last Appearance: Train Team...Charge!
Number of Episode
1 (Movie)
2 (Dino Charge Fanon Version)
Actor: James Miller
Red Dino Charge Ranger

Reese is the Red Dino Charge Ranger & leader of the Dino Charge Rangers.


Reese is a wild and gallant 20-year-old man who has a unique quality to be able to charm anyone into becoming his friend. His signature move is the Rock-Cracking Punch .

A decade ago, he traveled the world with his father Anthony before he was left with his father's amber pendant and a handful of money. Though given the choice to return to civilization, Reese sought to instead follow in his father's footsteps and continue to travel the world.

When his journey brought him to an island in the south seas, fighting a group of Paracent, Reese receives his Dino Charge Changer from Avian and battles Red TyrannoZord for a month to tame him. Though he succeeds, Reese is only able to become Red Dino Charge Ranger after convincing Red TyrannoZord to let him fight alongside him.

Whenever not in combat, Reese takes random part-time jobs. He is soon made the team's leader due to his charisma and is noted to treasure his relationships more than anything else.

As Red Dino Charge Ranger , Reese announces himself as "Fanged Tyranno,Dino Charge Red !". With the Mini TyrannoZord, Red Dino Charge Ranger becomes Red Cretaceous Warrior that can perform the Tyranno Kick. Through a process similar to that of a Megazord combination, using the Blue StegoZord and Pink TriceraZord Saurus Battery with the Mini TyrannoZord , Red Cretaceous Warrior can become Red Dino Charge Ranger Warrior with the same powers as Dino Charge Megazord. Red Cretaceous Warrior can also use the other Zord Saurus Batteries to become Red Sheriff Warrior ,Red Hammer Warrior ,or Red Shaolin Warrior.

Red Dino Charge Ranger

Ranger Keys

See also

  • Daigo Kiryu - his counterpart in Kyoryuger
  • Anthony - His father and second Dino Charge Silver Ranger
  • Sadie - Dino Charge Pink Ranger and his future wife
  • Richie - Reese and Sadie's descendant and Navy Dino Charge Ranger
  • Sheila - Reese and Sadie's descendant and third Cyan Dino Charge Ranger

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