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Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger
Number 38
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger/Theme Song
Adapted from: ?
Original airing: February 2014
Author: Reynoman
Production Order

Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger (烈車戦隊トッキュウジャー, Retsu-sha Sentai Tokkyuujā, translated as Vehement Car Squadron Special Expressger) is the obvious name for the 38th entry in the Super Sentai series, airing on February 2014. Its theme is a train motif. Here's just some fanfictiion/rumors for & about this.


Five amazing people, drawn from imagination, must protect the Rainbow Line from the evil Shadow!



Tokkyu 1 Ichiro
Tokkyu 2 Niro
Tokkyu 3 Shisume
Tokkyu 4 Shiro
Tokkyu 5 Gosume


Kamen Rider Gaim Kota Kazuraba
Kamen Rider Ryugen Mitsuzane Kureshima
Kamen Rider Baron Kaito Kumon



Transformation Devices

  • TokkyuChanger - The Tokkyugers' henshin device.


  • TokyuuBlaster - The Tokkyugers' sidearm weapon.
    • Uchimasu Mode (Gun Mode)
    • Kirimasu Mode (Sword Mode)

Multi-Use Devices

  • TokkyuRessha (stored in TokkyuBuckle) - Items that are needed to be loaded on the TokkyuChanger to transform & to summon the larger TokkyuRessha.
  • Rainbow Pass - Used to activate the TokkyuBuckle.

Team Blaster & Individual Weapons

  • Renketsu Bazooka - A cannon formed from the Tokkyugers' individual weapons.
    • Rail Slasher - Tokkyu 1's personal weapon.
    • Form Trigger - Tokkyu 2's personal weapon.
    • Shingou Hammer - Tokkyu 3's personal weapon, resembles a railroad light.
    • Tunnel Axe - Tokkyu 4's personal weapon.
    • Tekkyou Claw - Tokkyu 5's personal weapon.


TokkyuRessha System

  • Ressha Gattai TokkyuOh - The first main robo.
    • Ichigou Ressha - Tokkyu 1's TokkyuRessha, a steam locomotive.
    • Nigou Ressha - Tokkyu 2's TokkyuRessha.
    • Sangou Ressha - Tokkyu 3's TokkyuRessha.
    • Yongou Ressha - Tokkyu 4's TokkyuRessha.
    • Gogou Ressha - Tokkyu 5's TokkyuRessha.
  • Tank Ressha - Can combine with TokkyuOh to form Tokkyu-Oh Tank.
  • Car Carrier Ressha - Can combine with TokkyuOh to form Tokkyu-Oh Car Carrier.

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