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"Time Force Gold!"
—Time Force Gold's roll call
Rex Thomas
Rex Thomas
Phantom Ranger
Time Force Gold
Ninja Steel Red (additional)
Gender: Male
Seasons: Turbo
Time Force
Ninja Steel
Super Ninja Steel
Colors: Black, Gold, Red
Homeworld: Earth (3000)
First Appearance: The Phantom Phenomenon
Last Appearance: Caught Red-Handed
Number of Episode
7 (Turbo)
3 (In Space)
27 (Time Force)
2 (Wild Force)
2 (Operation Overdrive)
2 (Super Megaforce)
22 (Ninja Steel)
8 (Super Ninja Steel)
Total: 74
Full list of appearances
Actor: Austin Butler
Ali Afshar, credited as Alex Dodd (as Phantom Ranger)
Phantom Ranger
Time Force Gold
Ninja Steel Red (additional)


Rexgold Gimp Version

Rexred Ninja Steel

Rex Thomas is former villain Tempest, he would later become the Phantom Ranger, the Time Force Gold of the Time Force Rangers and briefly an additional Ninja Steel Red.


Early Life

Hailing from the year 3000, Tempest was one of the 31st century's most notorious criminals. Like Ransik, he was an outcast. But he himself wasn't a mutant; he was a purebred human born through bodily intercourse instead of being designed to be genetically perfect. His sympathies lied with the Mutants, the dregs of 31st century society. Taking on the name Tempest, he embarked on an arson spree; setting fire to genetic laboratories because he saw them as a crutch for this corrupt society. One particular stunt led him to stealing a ruby imbued with Zordon's energies, which led to him developing superhuman abilities. This would also plant the seeds of doubt in his mind. However, he was eventually caught and arrested. Fate had plans for him, and being locked inside cryogenic stasis wasn't it.

Time Force

Finding himself caught between the fight for his fellow mutants' and what he feels is right, Tempest starts to question his own loyalty to Ransik. The Time Force he knew cracked down hard on those like him, yet here he is in the past, with a chance to not find a better life, but also start over from scratch. Eventually he decided that exterminating an entire generation of innocent people would make him no better than the monster society in the future deemed him to be, and deserted Ransik. Later on, he approached the Time Force Rangers in the hopes of redeeming himself for his past transgressions.


Phantom Ranger first arrived on Earth in his spaceship, landing in the woods of Angel Grove. He prevented Elgar and his group from stealing from a bank and a gold mine. As he spent most of his time invisible, no one, with the exception of Cassie Chan, could spot the Phantom properly. After rescuing the Turbo Rangers from trouble, the Pink Ranger asked who he was and Phantom Ranger replied, "a friend", before disappearing. From that point on, the Phantom Ranger appeared to be fond of Cassie, though perhaps not in the same way she was fond of him. He was able to prevent his ship from being destroyed by Divatox's torpedoes and saved Justin's friend, Nico, in the process. When the danger had passed, the Phantom Ranger departed in his space ship, giving the Rangers the impression he had left for good.

Although Phantom Ranger had taken off in his space ship, he did not necessarily leave Angel Grove. He continued to help when he was needed, such as fighting Translucitor. He even gave the Rangers their new Rescuezords, after losing the Turbozords to Divatox and General Havoc.

Divatox and her brother General Havoc used their knowledge of the Ranger to set a trap for him, hoping to obtain the Phantom's power ruby. After kidnapping Cassie and turning her to stone, the Phantom tried to use his Ruby to revive her, but was tricked by Havoc, who posed as Cassie and stole the Ruby from him. Up on the Space Base, Divatox would've destroyed both him and Cassie had she not rebelled, allowing them both the chance to escape. However, without his ruby, his life force was draining away and Phantom Ranger feared that he would soon perish.

Sometime after his escape, Phantom Ranger retreated to the tunnels where his ship was located and collapsed just mere inches away from it, exhausted of all strength. Cassie and T.J. ventured down into the tunnel system and found him and brought him to the Power Chamber. The power of the chamber kept him stable, but Dimitria had told them without his ruby the Phantom would die. The Rangers, after some difficulty, got the Phantom's ruby back. Cassie placed it on Phantom Ranger and after several moments he came to, rejuvenated. He thanked the Rangers and prepared to leave, but Cassie wanted to know where he was going. Phantom Ranger told her that he would go where he was needed and remain until his presence was unnecessary. In that sense, the Phantom Ranger believed the Earth was in good hands with the Rangers and departed.

It is unknown why the Rangers didn't just ask him who he was.

In Space

After the news that Zordon had been captured, Phantom Ranger began searching for Zordon. He was on the planet Hercuron and watched as Divatox and Astronema took the Eltarian sage away to a large ship. Phantom sent a message of Zordon's location to the Space Rangers, and was later intercepted by Divatox, Piranhatrons, Astronema and Quantrons. After Divatox took off with Zordon, Astronema sent Ecliptor to finish off Phantom Ranger. Luckily, the Space Rangers saved him and Ecliptor retreated. Phantom Ranger gave Andros a disc and told him it was for the Delta Megaship, a powerful weapon currently without protection. Phantom Ranger told the Rangers that he would go after Zordon and assured Cassie that he would be alright, despite the serious injury he sustained in the fight from earlier.

Later on in the season, Phantom Ranger fought alongside the Blue Senturion to try and stop the Machine Empire from taking over his planet during Dark Specter's universal conquest. Eventually Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion were captured, however, Zordon's energy wave rid the entire planet of its villains, saving them both from an untimely death. However, they were never seen or heard from again.

Wild Force

Rex arrived with the other Time Force rangers from the future, bringing Ransik and Nadira with them to track down the Mut-Orgs. Ransik managed to destroy their mutant halves. This allows the 12 Rangers to destroy the trio. However, a side-effect of Ransik's action is that he is now completely human and the Rangers and their friends celebrate on Animarium.

Operation Overdrive

After Thrax, son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, was freed, he recruited all the villains who have been searching for the Jewels of the Corona AuroraFlurious, Moltor, Kamdor, Miratrix, and the Fearcats Mig and Benglo, to unite with him temporarily. By severing their connection to the Morphing Grid forever, the temporary Evil Alliance destroyed the Rangers' powers, and Andrew Hartford couldn't fix their destroyed morphers. They used their gentically enhanced skills in an attempt to defeat the villains, but fared no better, so the Sentinel Knight recruited six Rangers from the pastKira Ford, Xander Bly, Adam Park, Bridge Carson, Tori Hanson and Rex Thomas, to replace the Overdrive Rangers until their connection to the Morphing Grid was restored.

The Retro Rangers head him off in the DriveMax Ultrazord and Flash Point Megazord, but were overpowered, and DriveMax Ultrazord loses an arm in the battle.

Confronting the "Evil Alliance", all 12 Rangers morphed and battle the villains. Adam battled Thrax. Bridge and Mack teamed up to defeat Flurious. Dax, Will and Xander defeated the Fearcats. Tori and Rose battled Moltor and his Lava Lizards, and Kira and Ronny teamed up against Kamdor and Miratrix. Rex and Tyzonn were able to destroy the newly revived Vulturus and Flurious's Chillers. To finish the battle, the Sentinel Knight arrives in his Cyborg form and destroyed Thrax, and then joined the Rangers in defeating the rest of the villains, the villains then retreated.

Super Megaforce

While Prince Vekar invaded the Earth, he teams up with Tommy Oliver who begun uniting the Power Rangers that preceded the Megaforce. In between the event, he made brief contact with the Megaforce to give them his Ranger Key.

When Emperor Mavro invades Earth, Rex and the Legendary Rangers fight Mavro and his allies.

Emperor Mavro was defeated. But the remaining thousands of XBorgs still stand. Rex and all the existing Power Rangers then met up with the Megaforce Rangers.

After the demise of the XBorgs, Rex shook hands with Troy and teleported off along with Tommy and the Legendary Rangers.

Ninja Steel

Powers and Abilities

  • Power Ruby: After absorbing the power of Zordon's ruby, Rex became the most powerful being existence, he is also connected to the ruby and if he lost it he will perish, he has demonstrated the following powers:
  • Super Strength: Rex has a considerable level of superhuman strength, able to lift objects up to several tons. He can also deliver strikes much more powerful than the average human.
  • Super Durability: Rex's body is superhumanly durable, to the point that he cannot be physically harmed by ordinary humans.
  • Teleportation: Rex possesses the ability to teleport himself to any location on the planet.
  • Electrokinesis: Rex can absorb and fire bolts of electrical energy. He can absorb electrical energy from various sources. He can seemingly even control electricity within electrical circuits, as whenever he become emotional electrical devices around him worked erratically.
  • Invisibility: Rex has the ability to become invisible, however, the space he occupied was often seen contorted or mishappen, an effect akin to that of the Predator character from the Predator franchise.
  • Precognition: Rex can see into the future in some instances (although this power should not be relied on, as it kicks in arbitrarily and without notice).
  • Age Negation: Since absorbing the power of Zordon's stone, his body would not be subjected to the aging process.
  • Telepathic Immunity: Rex is immune to physical attacks and mind reading. As shown, when Trip tried to read his mind but was unable to.
  • Gifted Intelligence: Rex is exceptionally intelligent, being a brilliant inventor, able to tinker with alien technology and mastering martial arts with relative ease.
  • Eidetic Memory: Rex appears to have a photographic memory and perfect recall, as can remember most useful things to the letter.
  • Skilled Combatant: Rex is very skilled in martial arts, able to defeat many enemies. He also developed marked skill with his sword, impressing even Ransik in his usage of the bladed weapon.

Ranger Forms


Phantom Ranger



Appearances: T Episodes 23-29, IS Episodes 11, 42, 43

Rexgold Arsenal

Time Force Gold



Appearances: TF Episodes 14-40, WF Episodes 24, 25, OO Episodes 20, 21, SM Episode 20


Ninja Steel Red (additional)


This form is exclusive to NS Episode 20

Legendary Ranger Devices

The Phantom Ranger Key is Rex’s second personal Ranger Key. This key is exclusive to the Toyline and has been seen at the SDCC 2014 convention. Of course as with all Ranger Keys, should it exist, it would be able to transform one, i.e. one of the Super Mega Rangers, into the Phantom Ranger.

The Gold Time Force Ranger Key is Rex's personal ranger key. This key was in the possession of Rex, before being handed over to Orion (Super Megaforce Silver) and is the first of the Extra Ranger Keys to be seen lining the Command Center's interior walls.

Time Force Gold is one of the Rangers that represent the Time Force Rangers for the Time Force Dino Charger, released as part of a special set of Dino Charger Power Packs. In Time Force's case, it featured Time Force Red, Time Force Gold, and the Time Force title. This Charger was paired with the Wild Force Dino Charger.


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