Rich, Rich Colorado, Part II
Power Rangers Samurai, Season 2, Episode 15
Written by Carmel's Hope
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Rich, Rich Colorado, Part I
Rangers' Sonata

Rich, Rich Colorado, Part II is the fifteenth episode of season 2 of Power Rangers Samurai.


Nighlok Robtish appears and starts causing Coloradans pain and misery. Ian is alarmed by his Samuraizer. Little did he know, he had all the others' Samuraizers, and Chad's Samurai Morpher. Ian has Ching go and retrieve Patricia, Ivan, Alejandro, and Amara from their home. He had a plan. Ching does so, and returns with them five minutes later. Emma is finished agreeing on a wedding date when she is handed Jessie's Blue Ranger Samuraizer. The other people are handed their Samuraizer. They are called out in a different way than in the regular episode. They do cry out, "Samuraizer! Go Go Samurai!" and the Ancient Samurai Rangers morph. The Ancient Samurai Rangers Find and Fight Robtish. Ian watches the Rangers fight Robtish. When Emma and Ching finish off Normal Size Robtish, He grows giant. The Rangers are asked by Ian to cry out "Megamode Power, Combine!" Ching is told to cry out "OctoZord, combine with Megazord!" The Rangers morph into Megamode power and combine the Megazord. Ian is seen taking pictures of the Megazord fighting Robtish. The Nighlok swings a few attacks on the Megazord, but the Megazord is able to finish Robtish off with the OctoZord. Later, Emma, Ivan, Alejandro, Amara, Patricia, and Ching are seen a few hours before Emma and Ching's Wedding. Luckily, Jessie, Ian, Josh, Brittney, Chellby, and Chad are seen taking their seats. The wedding ceremony ends with the Chinese Justice of The Peace pronounces Emma and Ching husband and wife. Later, before returning back to 2012, The Ancient Samurai Rangers bid farewell to their Great-Great Grandkids.


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