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Robin Ji
Orange Samurai Ranger
Gender: Male
Season(s): Samurai
Colors: Orange
Homeworld: Earth
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Number of Episode
Orange Samurai Ranger

Robin is the Orange Samurai Ranger and the son of Mentor Ji.


Robin always wanted to be a power ranger ever since he was young. He began exercising all day and all night, and samurai training. At first, Ji would allow to become his Samurai Ranger, though he worried he would be killed and refused. After growing up, Ji still won't change his mind, and Robin ran away from home and stole his dad's old motorcycle. After being found by Serrator, he was tricked into thinking that Nighloks wanted to be in peace with humans, and was granted the orange nighlok power. His element is molten lava. After meeting the rangers, he defends a Nighlok, and knocks down the rangers. After turning Emily, the yellow samurai ranger, into a Nighlok, Mike, the green samurai, decides to get ravenge on him, but is completely defeated by Robin. After going back into the Netherworld, he decides to bring Emily as a surprise for Serrator, but before he can show him her, Robin overhears him talking about how he lied to Robin and how stupid he is. After battling him, Robin escapes to the human world, gives a letter to Emily and tells her to deliver it to Ji. After Ji reads the letter, he learns that the orange ranger is his own son. When the rangers began to take on their last battle with Serrator, they learn that it would take alot of power to defeat him. So Robin comes in and destroys Serrator for them. He also unleashes his DragonZord to destroy him. During the series, he impresses the rangers with his samurai skills, meets Jayden's sister, Lauren, the true red samurai ranger, falls in love with her, gets a nasty look from Mike, throws up in the trash can after eating Mia's food, and joins the rangers in battle to destroy Master Xandred. After the battle, he decides to go out with Lauren.

More coming soon...

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