Ryker Zune
Black Alpha Ranger
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers Bionic
Colors: Black
Homeworld: Earth
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Number of Episode
Black Alpha Ranger

Ryker Zune was the nephew of Dr. Haverson. Ryker was interested in the Bio-Power of the Bionic Rangers and secretly took a prototype Morpher from his uncle's lab. Ryker altered the Morpher into his Alpha Morpher and linked it to the Morphers of the other Rangers to siphon off the excess Bio-Power released when they morphed. When the Morpher was fully charged, Ryker was able to morph into the Black Ranger. However, since his Morpher had a limited power supply, he was only able to be a Ranger for short periods of time. And since they weren't attuned to his DNA, the siphoned Bio-Powers were physically weakening him every time he morphed. Initially, Ryker kept his identity a secret, but when he was injured in a fight, Black Ranger used up all his powers and demorphed in front of the other Rangers. While at first, Dr. Haverson was angry that Ryker stole from him and was siphoning power from the other Rangers, eventually Ryker was able to win the trust of the Rangers and his uncle. Their alien ally Goldex fully charged Ryker's Alpha Morpher with artificial Bio-Power customized for his physiology known as Alpha-Power, which not only allowed the Morpher to maintain its power levels on its own, but gave Ryker to power to generate an invisibility field around himself. Goldex and Dr. Haverson also modified Goldex's escape ship into a new RocketZord for Ryker to pilot.


Black Alpha Ranger



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