Ryuugazaki Sheena
Blue Sapphire
Gender: Female
Season(s): Shinsei Sentai Crystalranger
Colors: Blue
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Shine, Crystalrangers!
Last Appearance: TBA
Number of Episode
Actor: Hanazawa Kana
Blue Sapphire
Ryuugazaki Sheena (竜ヶ崎椎名 Ryūgazaki Shīna?) is Blue Sapphire (ブルーサファイア Burū Safaia?) the Blue Ranger of the Crystalrangers. Sheena is a very bubbly girl who is in the Photography Club as well as Dance Club, and she is shown to be a klutz at times. She is very popular with the boys because of her goddess-like physique and her cheerful personality and sometimes act all innocent. However, Sheena is shown to be a very serious fighter, thanks to her dancing skills and is the girl you don't want to piss off. Her Shinsei Stone is the Sapphire and her Gemstone Beast is the Sapphire. Her element is Water.




Blue Sapphire