Samael is the main villain of Power Rangers Rescue Flame and the one responsible for the series's monsters, Fugots.


Samael was once the son of Sophiar, A alien who intended to help the emerging human civilizations with knowledge and technology. However, Samael became jealous of how much Sophiar loved the humans and stole a forbidden mutagen in hopes of destroying them. Sophiar soon realized what his son had done and tried to reason with him. To his sadness, Samael used the mutagen on himself turning him into the horrific creature that would ingrain itself into the myths of humans everywhere as the image of evil. Centuries later, Samael returned with a plant that took anything it scanned and turned it into monsters, using it to create the Fugots. He led in the shadows until two of his subordinates turned on him and became Rangers. He pursued them until Sophiar appeared as a ball of light, forcing him to retreat.  Samael was destroyed by the Hyper Flame Megazord once but managed to return as a Fugot. He later created a massive tower to speed up the effects of entropy, forcing the rangers and Sophiar into a confrontation. Sophiar managed to shut down the tower before it was fully online, preventing Samael from realizing his mad ambitions while the rangers destroyed him with the Flame Megazord.

Ablities and Forms

Samael is a extremely powerful being in both of his forms. Ablities common to both forms include Pyrokinesis, Energy Blasts and Flight.

Original Form

Samael's original form resembled the classic depiction of the Devil. It could release the mutagen that turned Samael into it to make Fugots grow giant. 

Flame Form

Samael's Flame Form resembled the depiction of a Seraph but with horns coming out of the wings. Samael's flames increased in intensity in this form as well as his energy blasts. He could also call forth a massive white blade called the SoulDrinker.

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