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Savior Sentai Animanger
Number: 44
Number of episodes: 51
First episode: TBA
Power Rangers Counterpart:
Original airing: 2020-2021
Author: RB-Man
Production Order
Kishi Sentai Tokuranger

Coming Very, Very Soon...


To be confirmed by RB-Man.



Ranger Designation Animal Name
Anima Red Wolf Tetsuya Gentaro
Anima Max Tiger
Anima Black Elephant Maru
Anima Blue Rhino Kaitou
Anima Yellow Rabbit Mary
Anima Pink Hawk Mei
Anima Green Shark Souji
Anima Shine Lion Jirou Koizumi

Anima Defenders

Group 1

Ranger Designation Animal Name
Anima Orange Giraffe Shirogane Gentaro
Anima Violet Hippo Diane Marthin

Group 2

To be confirmed by RB-Man.


Kishi Sentai Tokuranger

Ranger Designation Knight Type Name
TokuRed Dragon Knight Takami Matake
TokuBlue Tiger Knight Otoya Yano
TokuGreen Bear Knight Takashi Miura
TokuYellow Bird Knight Saya Narumi
TokuPink Shark Knight Erino Kazaki
TokuGold T-Rex Knight Asuka Daigo
TokuSilver Ptera Knight Mika Daigo
TokuCrimson Phoenix Knight Yuzuki Makate

To be confirmed by RB-Man.


To be confirmed by RB-Man.


  • This is the first Super Sentai series to start of with more than 5 Rangers.
    • Kyuranger doesn't count because they expanded to nine on the first five episodes.

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