The Smithy Empire is a large multi-dimensional organization that was created and named after Smithy.


The Empire was founded after Smithy was created and rebelled against his Ninja creators. He turned them all into cyborgs and forced them to be his footsoldiers. After this he began creating generals for his army as well as a portal that would allow him to travel to other planets and even other dimensions. Once the portal was complete Smithy had his forces rush into the new world, capture the inhabitants, make them into cybrogs, drain the oceans and turn the planet into a factory. On and on did this happen until the Empire targeted Earth. Once their, they destroyed Bowser's castle and kidnapped his minions. Outraged Bowser forced the Super Mario Rangers to let him stay at RJ's house (although they made him stay in an apartment) and have them continously attempt to get his minions back. After numerous battle the Rangers and Bowser managed to fight their way into Smithy's factory where they managed to deactivate the mind controlling devices that were implanted into almost all of Smithy's soldiers. After that they defeated all the soldiers who were actually loyal to Smithy and attacked Smithy himself. After a long battle Smithy was killed and his reign of terror was over.