Stay Strong, Josh
Power Rangers Samurai, Season 2, Episode 17
Written by Carmel's Hope
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Stay Strong, Josh is the seventeenth episode of Season 2 of Power Rangers Samurai


During a battle, A nighlok switches places and Josh accidentally uses his Fire Blast attack on Ian. Josh leaves, thinking he would get punished by Billy for what the nighlok did. He is later found by Chad, when being attacked by Moogers. Chad uses his Lightspeed Morpher one last time and becomes the Blue Lightspeed Ranger, to Josh's dismay. He defeats the Nighlok, but unable to fend off the moogers due to his Lightspeed Power Surge blowing out and knocking him unconscious. The other Rangers arrive, Ian gives Josh his Samuraizer Back, he morphs, the Rangers defeat the moogers, and Save Chad, once again.


  • This episode is similar to the "in Space" episode "Always a Chance"
  • This is the last episode that Chad used his Lightspeed Powers for this season.

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