The monsters from Super Mario Rangers season 3 are all created by Smelter deep inside Smithy's factory. Almost all of the monsters are cyborgs that were kidnapped from their home planets, assimilated and put under mind control. They were subsequently freed during the season finale.

Bowser's Monsters


Not technically one of Smithy's soldiers but one Bowser hired out, along with the Gruesome Gecko. She was a plant themed monster, having a large flower for a head, a vine for a tongue and roots for limbs. Of the two she was the most greedy, frequently asking about her cash reward. She could shoot poisonous spores from her mouth that could paralyze her foes. When it turned out that Bowser could not pay her she departed. She later turned up during the series finale along with all of Bowser's other forces but was killed by the Alliance of Anti Bowser during a large assault.

Gruesome Gecko

Not technically one of Smithy’s soldiers but one Bowser hired out, along with Snapdragon. Despite his name he bore more of a resemblance to a chameleon than to a gecko. He had grooved lips, razor sharp teeth, three horns, yellow eyes, orange scales, claws, spines along his back and a long tail. He was friendlier than Snapdragon and seemed to like the Mario Rangers, Jonah especially. During the battle between him, Snapdragon and Alley Rat the Gruesome Gecko managed to knock his rifle away from him and attempted to grapple with him. Bowser ordered the Rangers to fire on Alley Rat but were unable to due to the fact that they were afraid of hitting the Gruesome Gecko. Luckily Lisa, who was an excellent shot, managed to fatally shoot Alley Rat. He later joined the Alliance of Anti Bowser were he fought and killed his old partner Snapdragon.


Bundt was not technically one of Smithy's monsters but one Bowser created using Lord Zedd's sceptre. Bowser managed to somehow find Zedd's staff and, eager to try it out, pointed it a a cake, causing it to transform into a monster. Bundt had five candles stuck inside it's head and had a second face on it's stomach which was a cake, two smaller cakes for feet, it's arms were made out of candy canes and it's teeth were made out of candy corn. It was capable of regeneration, which greatly hindered attacks against it. Bowser convinced it to fight for him by telling him that he was one of Zedd's generals and told him that the "Machine Empire" (actually the Smithy Empire) had tried to take over the moon again. Bundt demonstrated his skill by destroying the powerful Mastodoom, a monster who had beaten the Rangers repeatedly the day before. However once it found out what had happened to Lord Zedd it turned on Bowser and the Mario Rangers and they were forced to destroy it. Unfortunatley for them it's regenerative abilities proved to be too much for them and Bundt shrugged of their attacks. Bowser however managed to stop the evil cake from regenerating by cauterising it's wounds and the Mario Rangers proceeded to hack it to pieces while Bowser kept breathing fire at it.

Smithy's Monsters

Alley Rat

The Alley Rat was the of Smithy's forces that the rangers fought. He was a rat/scorpion monster who had red eyes, a solar panel on his head, a rat like face and paws, bronze skin and a long segmented tail that dripped poison. He was the first monster that the Rangers fought, although Snapdragon and the Gruesome Gecko did most of the fighting. He surprised them both when he easily shrugged off Snapdragon's poisonous spores, saying that as a cyborg he had immunities to all poisons, toxins and anesthesia’s. He then attempted to poison the Rangers but was stopped when RJ chopped his tail off. In desperation he attempted to use his second weapon, a rifle, but it was knocked from his paws by the Gruesome Gecko who began to fight him hand-to-hand. He was then shot by Lisa with his own rifle. He later appeared during the season finale when the Rangers disabled the mind controlling devices that stopped the minions from rebelling. He a and all the other members of his species escaped by going through a portal that took him back to his home planet.


The Amanita was a fungus themed monster who worked for smithy. He had a large mushroom shaped head, one red eye with built in infrared vision, white amour and instead of hands, two large fans that could be used to spread poisonous spores. He tried to use his fans to infect the town of Somerset and was almost successful but the Rangers with the help of the Last Ranger managed to find an antidote to his spores and then fought him on the side of a mountain. He was knocked off the side of the mountain by the Ultra-Cannon and then defeated again by the Megazord when he was enlarged. He later appeared during the season finale when the Rangers turned off the mind controlling devices and he and the other members of his species escaped using a teleporter which took him back to his home planet.


The Cyber-Goom was originally one of Bowser's soldiers who was captured and brainwashed by Smithy shortly after his ressurection. He was then turned completley mechanical and was much more powerful. He attempted to destroy Somerset's nuclear power plant but was interrupted by the Mario Rangers. Despite being directly hit with the Ultra-Cannon he was not destroyed although his mind control device shorted out because of it. He then moved into the apartment Bowser was using as a temporay base.


The Guerilla was a huge ape themed monster that worked for Smithy. He wore orange amour and had four cannons built into him, two on his back and another two in his chest. He was fought in the ruins of Bowser's castle (which had been destroyed when Smithy opened up a portal from his factory to Bowser's castle) and was also the first monster who was freed of the mind control devices when he was dealt a glancing blow from the Ultra-Cannon, which fried the device in his head. This caused the Mario Rangers to think about what they were doing. He departed shortly after, hijacking a space shuttle so that he could go home. Members of his species later appeared during the season finale where they were freed from the mind controlling devices and escaped.


Unlike most of Smithy's other soldiers Mecha-Block was fairly humanoid. He wore a red helmet on his human like head, had a square shaped body made out of titanium blocks, a long mechanical rod for a waist, two pile drivers for hands and had a jetpack. He attempted to destroy the building of Somerset by using his pile drivers to start earthquakes along the fault line. He was interrupted before he could create any large earthquakes and subsequently destroyed by the Mario Rangers. He and the other members of his species escaped during the Season finale and returned to their home world.

Chester the jester

Chester the jester was yet another soldier in Smithy's army. He wore a green and red jesters costume, complete with ruff, as well as a mask that hid his mechanical face. He attampted to lure the Mario Rangers out by capturing people with his magical cards that could capture people and leave their faces on the cards. He captured Jonah, Trevor and Jenny, leaving the others to attempt to defeat him on their own. Luckily for them when he tried to capture RJ his cards were destroyed because RJ's spirit was too strong to be captured. A blast from the Ultra-Cannon sent him to his demise but he and other members of his species appeared during the season finale when they escaped back to their home planet.

Fishin' Cheep

Originally one of Bowser's henchmen who was captured and brainwashed by Smithy and then turned into a cyborg. In his new form he had yellow eyes, segmented arms with claws, sharp teeth and wields a fishing rod/laser rifle. He aided Crusty in the attack on the oil rig. When the rangers attacked them he sent Crusty and the Ninjas ahead so that he could defeat the rangers while they stole the oil. However a blast from the Ultra-Cannon sent him flying off the rig and shorted out his mind controlling chip. He later washed up on shore.


Crusty was a crab themed monster who worked for Smithy. He had a saucer shaped head, retractable stalked eyes, a vertical mouth, orange armour, black pauldrons, gigantic red claws, kneepads, shoulderpads and four long golden crab like legs that portruded from his back. He terrorised an oil rig so that Smithy and his forces could use it, as it was a rare and precious resource in Smithy's dimension. However his plans were stopped by the Rangers when they arrived, dstroyed the oil pump and blew Crusty away. He and the rest of his species later appered during the season finale. His species was the last to escape from Smithy's factory using his teleporter because a wave of salt water that rushed in destroyed the teleporter.


Jasper is a Gem themed enemy. His skin is covered in a red crystalline substance, his arms end in hooks and his eyes glow green. Due to his crystal skin Smithy was unable to replace his skin with metal, only place the mind control device in his head. He wears no armor, only a sleeveless light purple shirt with a yellow diamond in the middle. His plan was to mine up all of the metals and gemstones of Somerset for Smithy's forces. However he was interrupted by the Mario Rangers who the proceeded to fight him. However they found to their dismay that none of their weapons worked on him and so had to find a different method of attack. Luckily for them Trevor accidently knocked the Ultra-Cannon into the wall of the mining cavern which caused it to malfunction and emit a loud high pitched wine. This caused great pain to Jasper and the Rangers used this to their advantage by turning up the Ultra-Cannon so that the whine became louder and more intense. Eventually Jasper shattered into thousands of tiny pieces. As he was not a cyborg he could not be brought back to life and therefore did not appear in the season finale, although other members of his species did.


The Hobgoblin was a mercenary who was hired by Smithy after he grew tired of the failures of his soldiers. He wore red armor, spiky pauldrons, spiky gauntlets with concealed blades in them, a Jolly Roger belt buckle and a pair of goggles that had night, infrared and heat vision. He sought out the Mario Rangers by using his space ship to attack Somerset. When he lured the Rangers out he left his ship and began to attack them, quickly taking them out. However the Last Ranger showed up once the others were unconscious and began a duel with the Hobgoblin. The battle raged on until the Hobgoblin was dealt a near fatal blow. Panicking he hopped into his ship which transformed into a mech. However the Last Ranger simply called upon his Zord, which easily crushed the Hobgoblin's much smaller ship.

Pandora the Box

Pandora the Box was not one monster but three all sharing the same body. One head was a green blob, one was a spherical plant like head with five yellow horns (two on top, three on the bottom) and the last one remained out of sight, only exposing its eye stalks. Their body was a large chest with arms and legs. The three were one of the few organic soldiers of Smithy's army. They attempted to destroy the Mario Rangers by summoning up a genie and using their wishes to destroy them. However each of these wishes backfired and the second wish accidently resulted in their deaths.


Fautso is the magical genie that was held prisoner by Pandora the Box. As he was kept secret from Smithy he was still organic when he aided Pandora. He had the apperance of a bear wearing a fez, red vest and parachute pants and pointed shoes. However what they didn't know was that on their third wish he would be free and planned to wreak havoc on them for imprisoning him. His first attempt at destroying the Mario Rangers resulted in a giant Zord which rampaged through the city, but fell apart shortly after due to shoddy construction. When Pandora attempted to fight the Rangers after this he watched on silently from the background, but made himself invisible from the Rangers. When the battle plan failed Pandora wished for a black hole to swallow up everything in Somerset. However this accidently sucked Pandora into it and the black hole was destroyed because as the wisher had been killed everything they wished for disappeared. Annoyed at his lost freedom Fautso threw his lamp into the path of Trevor who quickly used two of his wishes to get what he wanted. However before the third wish could be granted Fautso was kidnapped by Smithy and turned into a cyborg. This caused him to lose his magical abilities and in a rage managed to destroy a portion of Smithy's factory before his mind control device could be implanted. He was later shown locked up in a cage during the season finale and escaped with the Mecha-Blocks.

Captain Blooper

Captain Blooper was originally a minion of Bowser who was captured, brainwashed and turned into a cyborg by Smithy. In this form he had segmented mechanical tentacles which could shoot missiles, a drill on his head, a laser in place of his hook hand and owned a flying skiff. He attempted to destroy various buildings by using his flying skiff, which had a turret mounted on it. However he Mario Rangers blew it out of the sky using their Ultra-Cannon and caused it to crash into the ocean. Unfortunatley for the Mario Rangers the Smithy controled Big Bertha appeared and Captain Blooper jumped up onto her shoulder. However both were defeated when the Rangers called in their Megazord.

Big Bertha

Big Bertha was formerly one of Bowser's henchmen who was captured, brainwashed and turned into a cyborg by Smithy. In her new cyborg form she resembled a kaiju and has a long tail, claws, fangs, built in missiles, laser vision and had a laser cannon in her mouth. She appeared shortly after Captain Blooper's skiff was shot down and attacked Somerset with her various weapons. However she and captain Blooper were both defeated by the Megazord.

Glum reaper

A skeleton themed monster. He was a skeleton with spikes in his head who was found by the Smithy Empire in space, meditating on an asteroid. After this his bones were coated in titanium and he was givien black armor, a red cape and two swords with blades that glowed red. He was originally stationed outside of the Buzzonian's tree foretress was moved in an effort to stop the Mario Rangers and his position was given to the Clerk. He viciously attacked the Rangers and quickly took them all down except for the Red Ranger. However the Last Ranger joined him and toether the two engaged the Glum Reaper in a frantic swordfight. Eventually the Glum, Reaper was defeated when he accidently walked into the path of a moving truck. He reappered during the Season finale where he once again tried to stop the Rangers but was attacked by some of the mind control free soldiers of Smithy's empire. Although he managed to defeat them all he was later completley destroyed when Smelter blew up and covered the Glum Reaper in molten metal.

Toxic Terror

The Toxic Terror was yet another soldier in Smithy's army. Unlike most however, he willingly worked for him. He was an acidic green cloud in a hazmat suit with a large pack strapped to his back and a hose connecting the pack to a rifle that was capable of shooting acid. His plan was simple: use his acid gun. Luckily for the Rangers RJ's battelizer armor was capable of handling the acid and he quickly dealt with the Toxic Terror.


Shadow is a shadow themed monster and one of the few organic monsters who work for Smithy. As his name suggets he is a living shadow with glowing yellow eyes, claws and large bat-like ears. He is capable of controlling people by jumping into their shadows. He attempted to do this to Jonah but was stopped when the Mario Rangers pushed Jonah into a dark room where there were no shadows, and therefore he could not move. As he was not destroyed he was not enlarged.


The Octovader is an octopus/alien themed enemy. His head is completley spherical, save for two small bumps similar to those of a giraffes and has glowing green eyes and a round mouth. The body is red and has six missile tubes, gold pauldrons, three claws on each hand instead of regular fingers and eight long retractable tentacles in the back. The Octovader's plan of attack was to bring in a large squdron of Smithy's jets and use them to reduce Somerset to rubble. However the Mario Rangers had planted a microphone inside Smithy's factory via a remote controlled toy helicopter and overheard everything. They then set up an ambush outside of Bowser's ruined castle and destroyed all of the jets. Enraged the Octovader engaged the Rangers in a fight only to be beaten. He survived and called in a large Zord and attempted to use it for his original plan. However oce again the Rangers sprung into action and destroyed his Zord. He and the other members of his species showed up in the season finale and escaped using a portal that would take them back to their home dimension.


A monster who only appeared briefly. He had an extendable neck, horns, spherical head and double jointed legs. He was briefly shown to fight the Mario Rangers before being killed by the Axem Rangers. He and other members of his species were shown during the season finale escaping to freedom when their mind control devices were disabled.

The Puppet Master

The Puppet master is a knight/puppet themed monster. He wears a purplish grey suit of amour with clawed gauntlets and a wooden cross in his back. He attempted to get rid of the Rangers by turning them into human sized puppets using a device stored inside his gauntlets. However he only succeeded in turning several innocent bystanders into puppets. Not deterred by this he began using the puppet people into his slaves and had them attack the Rangers. The Rangers managed to turn them back into people by destroying the Puppet Master's gauntlets and then destroying the Puppet Master himself. He and other members of his species managed to escape to their home worlds during the season finale.


K-9 iss a wolf themed monster. He was made out of a tan colored metal and had two missiles attached to his back. he is capable of transforming from a robotic wolf-man into...a robotic wolf. He managed to track down the Mario Rangers using his sense of "smell" (in reality highly advanced sensors and GPS) and attempted to engage them. However he underestimated them and was badly wounded. He managed to retreat by transforming and running away. The Axem Rangers however were disgusted by his cowardice and "put him down". He and other members of his species later appeared during the season finale and escaped back to their home world.


Arachno is a spider based monster who works for Smithy. He had mandibles, eight green eyes, bronze amour, six missiles that were capable of releasing nets, three fingered claws and four long mechanical spider like legs that came out of his back. He used his missile "webs" to capture the populace of the town and string them up between two large buildings, hoping to draw the Rangers out. His plan worked and soon the Rangers launched into their attack. The battle ended badly for him however when the Rangers quickly cut off his extra legs and threw him out of the building in which they were fighting. He and other members of his species are freed during the season finale.

The Collective

The Collective is a swarm of nanobots that were created by Smithy and Smelter to be the ultimate weapon. When they merged together to form a shape they looked like a mechanical pig with metallic wings. When he attacked the Mario Rangers they found that their attacks were useless as the Collective simply pulled himself apart whenever they tried to attack him and then pulled himself back together. However the Rangers were able to overcome this by tricking him into going into a nuclear testing site where the resulting EMP caused him to go offline.


Mukumuku is a cat based enemy. His limbs are silver, as is his head, save his lower jaw which was teal while his body is gold. He attempted to recycle Octovader's plan of calling in an air strike, but instead of attack jets, he planned on calling in heavy bombers. However, RJ managed to learn of the plan and infiltrated Smithy's dimension. He rescued another member of Mukumuku's species from being terminated for malfunctioning. Grateful at having being rescued, he led RJ to a machine that could burrow underground and lay mines. Using the machine, they dug under the airfield and planted several mines in the path of the planes. When Mukumuku boarded the lead bomber and ordered the takeoff of the fleet, he and the others on the ships were vaporised in the resulting explosions. He and the other members of his species later returned to their home planet in the season finale.


Mastodoom was a skeleton themed monster. He was the mechanical skeleton of a mastodon and one of the few monsters who was loyal to Smithy. Additionally he wore bronze and silver armour and wielded a scimitar. When he fought the Mario Rangers he quickly defeated them but was forced to return to Smithy's factory due to a sudden attack by Antiock forces. When he next apperead he once again defeated them and almost killed them, only to be stopped by the sudden intervention of Bowser, who dueled him and found out that they were evenly matched. Disturbed by the power of the monster Bowser tracked down Lord Zedd's sceptre and used it to animate a cake and turn it into a monster. Bowser then sent it out to find and destroy Mastodoom where they then battled on a rooftop. Despite his power he was no match for Bundt's regenerative and absorbing abilities and was devoured by Bundt's second mouth.


The Shaman was a magic themed monster, who, ironically enough, could do no magic. He wore a maroon robe hat masked his features, as well as an emerald green shirt and magical pendant around the neck. Although he did not posses any magic of his own he could manipulate the energy of the pendant into energy, which he would use in a highly destructive manor. However he was destroyed by the Mario Rangers when they destroyed the pendant, which exploded in a flash of brilliant light and vaporised the Shaman. He and the other members of his species were later seen during the Season finale where they escaped from Smithy's factory.


Bahamutt was a dragon themed monster. He wore a silver maks on his head which protected his face, had red armor. claws, fangs, the ability to breath fire and wings/a jetpack. He attempted to start a volcanic eruption by assaulting the volcano where Bowser's base formerly resided by using his fire breath and a legion of Ninjas. However he himself was destroyed when the Rangers used the Ultra-Cannon to send him flyiung into the mouyth of the volcano. He and other members of his species were seen during the season finale where they managed to escape Smithy's factory and went back to their own dimension

Centurion Tyon and Flight Marshal Zilk

Centurion Tyon is an Antiock and temporarily one of Smithy's soldiers, while Flight Marshal Zilk is a Buzzonian and also a temporary soldier of Smithy. For years the Antiocks have been fighting a war with both Smithy's forces and the Buzzonians. In an effort to control both Smithy pretended to surrender and made the Antiocks and Buzzonians into cyborgs by telling them that it would make them stronger. He then used them to attack the Mario Rangers. However the Rangers lured the soldiers into each others paths and each side saw that Smithy had made them into cyborgs. Enraged at being tricked the two armies moved their fight to Smithy's factory which allowed the Rangers to sneak in.

The Ding-A-Lings

The Ding-A-Lings are two robotic servants of Smithy and Count Down. They had golden armour, black star insignias on the chest, claws, a single red eye eye each and horns. They at first acted as the bodyguards of Count Down but were defeated while trying to stop the Mario Rangers. However before the Rangers could defeat Count Down the Ding-A-Lings got back up and fused with their boss. However this was still not enough and all three were destroyed.

Count Down

One of Smithy's high ranked soldiers. He was still partially organic, having an organic mouth, nose, tusks, horns and hands. He wore silver armor, had a clock built into the stomach, a red cape and clawed boots. He and his two bodyguards attempted to stop the Mario Rangers from attacking Smithy by blocking the way and attacking them. After his body guards were knocked out he attempted to fight the Rangers himself. However he was defeated and almost killed when the Ding-A-Lings merged with Count Down, giving him their arms, legs and most of the torso. Despite this they were still not powerful enough and were destroyed.

Cloaker and Earth Link

Cloaker was a high ranking member of the Smithy Empire and had a warrior theme. He had an orange head, red eyes, navy blue armor, a glowing curved sword and a shield shaped like a short wrench with a giant topaz built into the centre. He and his partner Domino attempted to destroy the Mario Rangers by teaming up and destroying them. However while Cloaker was profficient in various forms of combat he often rushed into battle without thinking of the consequences and rarely blocked, using only his speed and agility. By using this to their advantage the Rangers defeated him and his partner in battle. However the two managed to teleport the group into another dimension, used by Smithy's forces as a training site. From there they called in their zords, Earth Link and Mad Adder. However the Rangers called in their Zords as well and overpowered the the two. Still not defeated though they fused their zords to create a Megzord and once again attempted to defeat the Mario Rangers. As before however they were defeated and finally destroyed.

Domino and Mad Adder

Domino was a high ranking member of Smithy's empire and Cloaker's partner, he also had a wizard theme, although, being a cyborg he could not do any real magic, only tricks and illusions. His skin was made out of a green metal, he wore a purple robe which covered his body and most of his face, save for his red eyes and a long stinger that was in the back of his head. His arms came with built in lasers and smoke bombs. He and his partner Cloaker attempted to destroy the Mario Rangers by teaming up. However while Domino was capable of using his magic tricks to fool the Rangers they eventually figured out that they were mere tricks and were easily able to defeat him after this. However the two managed to teleport the group into another dimension, used by Smithy's forces as a training site. From there they called in their Zords, Mad Adder and Earth Link. However the Rangers called in there own Zords and overpowered the duo. And yet they were not defeated and fused their Zords to create their own Megzord. As before however they were defeated and this time were destroyed for good.