Super Omegazord
Pilot: Super Omega Ranger
Speed 100 mph
Season Power Ranger Timelines

The Super Omegazord is the Zord of Scar, The Super Omega Ranger. It was based on the OmegaMax Megazord to grant it a wide range of mobility.


The Super Omegazord is a version of the Omegamax MegaZord with red instead of white, golden wings on the back and Vulcan cannons in the place of the Deltamax Megazord's fists.


The Super Omegazord is able to turn into a motorcycle like the Zord it was based on, allowing it to move at speeds up to 100 miles per hour. In Battle Mode, It has twin wrist blades allowing to slice most things in half with one blow. Its finisher is the Vulcan Burst, a swift barrage of punches and blasts from its Vulcan Canons. It can also fly using its wings and shoot golden energy beams from them.