Tatakai Sentai Star Ranger
Number 2
Number of episodes: Unknown
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Tatakai Sentai Star Ranger/Theme Song
Adapted from:
Original airing: Unknown
Author: Vegito SS3
Production Order
Chou Sentai Kyoryuuranger
Keiba Sentai Gekisouger
Is the sequel of Chou Sentai Kyoryuuranger and the 2nd series of Super Sentai created by Vegito SS3. This series is almost same liked Chouriki Sentai OhRanger. While in OhRanger there's 5 member, The member will consist 3(+1 in the series).


Many human were suffered and almost terminated by the The AkumaMachine Empire. One day,3 Kyoryuu Ranger fight with the AkumaMachine Empire but, will all their strength unable to faced the powerfull empire 3 HighSchools students later saved them. A commander team later give 3 device fo the 3 students they used the device to transform into Star Ranger.As they keep continue, Later they were assisted by an Neptunian alien who is also member of Star Ranger.


Color Name
Red Sosuke Narumi
Blue Okuda Ryujin
Yellow Nami
Gold Date


  1. Commander Jack
  2. Officer Black
  3. Chou Sentai Kyoryuu Ranger
  4. Keiba Sentai Gekisouger


  1. Star Battle: is weapon that can change into gun or saber.
  2. Star Cannon: is most powerfull arsenal of Star Ranger.
  3. Star Shield: is a shield that able to deflect any weapon/attack
  4. Super Armor: is an armor that used by Star Red in the series. dub, this arsenal is Star Red final form.
  5. Gold Staff: a powefull staff that used by Star Gold this weapon is good at magic and far-range.


  1. Red Hawk: is the main mecha of Star Red.
  2. Yellow Dolphin: is the main mecha of Star Blue
  3. Blue Lion: is the main mecha of Star Red.
  • Tatakai Gattai Star-Oh: is the combination of the 3 Star Ranger. this robo wield Starken that able to damage opponent. its finishing move is Star Slash.

4. Punch-Oh: is the second mecha of Star Red. Star Red is the only one who can control this robo other unable to control the robo. the finishing of this robo is Barrage Punch.

  • Tatakai Gattai Chou Star-Oh: is the combination of Star-Oh And Punch-Oh. In this mode Chou Star-Oh gained two buster on its shoulder that can shoot an enemy from far range. the finishing of this robo is Chou Burst.

5. Star Robo: is the third mecha of Star Red.

6. Triangle Robo: is the second mecha of Star Blue.

7. Circle Robo: is the second mecha of Star Yellow.

  • Tatakai Gattai Saigo-Oh: is the combination of the 3 star ranger second mecha. this robo wield SaigoKen that able to sliced it opened with ease. the finishing move is SaigoKogeki.

8. Gold Piramida: is the main mecha of Star Gold.

  • Saikyo Tatakai Gattai Denma-Oh: is the combination from all the Star Rangers mecha. this robo is taller than other robo but, it can't move. this finishing move of this robo is Star Burst Blast.

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