The Express Trip
Power Rangers T.Q.G (Starlina's Version), Episode 01
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The Express Trip is the premiere episode of the Power Rangers T.Q.G (Starlina's Version). It marks the debut of the T.Q.G Rangers, Conductor Morrison, Wagonita and the evil Emperor Shadowa and The Shadow Express Line Empire.


On a train ride five teens with their families are having a quite a good time and as they wait to reach their destination trouble is also on the way as the evil Emperor Shadowa the ringmaster of the Shadow Line Express Empire plots to derail the happiness and destroy the Trains along with it but when the trains stop to pick up more passengers the Emperor now has his chance to strike an assault by sending his Detourers to the scene causing a traumatic confusion, as a result, the explosions got so big that the five teens were separated from their families and friends retrospectively. Henry then finds himself with four other teens who also separated by the Emperor's attacks.

Henry introduces himself to Carlton, Dexter, Rayna and Renee who were also separated from their retrospective friends and family. The five of them bonds to get through the bad situation. Emperor Shadowa sees the teens and immediately sends his daughter Princess Noira along with more Detourers to keep up the attack. As Henry, Carlton, Dexter, Rayna and Renee finds salvation when the Detourers catches up to them the five-some takes them head-on in the combat against time to reach another Train Station to recover from the recent attacks. As the Detourers fall Henry leads the others on to a Train all ready to take off to bring the survivors to a safer station for them to stay for the time being.

Arriving R.E.S Station

As the teens and the rest of the survivors arrive at the station Conductor Morrison and Wagonita welcomes them but has the survivors fed and taken to their rooms while the Conductor talks with the five some who eventually saved many more survivors from the Shadow Express Line Empire and she tells them more about the Emperor's plans and knows that they are the only ones who the planet's the Universe's Line of Defense. Henry, Carlton, Dexter, Rayna and Renee understood the chances the Empire to rule the universe and accepted the chance to save more lives along the way.

The New Power Rangers!

Conductor Morrison hands the High Speed Morphers to Henry, Carlton, Dexter, Rayna and Renee giving them access to their new powers and T.Q.G (Train Quality Generators). The New Power Rangers morph into action and went back into the fight against the Detourers. The Rangers immediately intercept the first of Emperor Shadowa's assault.

TQG Power Rangers

TQG Rangers First Battle pose

First Victory

The Rangers Celebrate their first ever victory but the battle has already began but they are ready never the less.