The Gems of Wisdom is in Power Rangers Animal Task. There seven colors of gems represents elements: Red - Fire, Orange - Earth, Yellow - Light, Green - Leaf, Blue - Water, Purple - Darkness and Pink - Wind. The gems battle evil to save humans in order to ressurect from their power. Each gems were scattered around the World. Venom channels the Pink Gem to create Iris. Venom's minion Iris was responsible for guarding the Pink Gem while other six gems are scattered. Red Gem is guarded by magma monster in lava mountain, Orange Gem is guarded by stone monster surrounded in the mountains, Yellow Gem is guarded by thunder monster in forbidden location but possibly on land, Green Gem was guarded by grasshopper monster, Blue Gem was guarded by seamonster under the sea and Purple Gem was guarded and held by Zalex. Shortly, Zalex has given the Purple Gem to monster of Darkness. However, both Venom and Zalex work together and channels the power of the Purple Gem to create an monster - Caiman.

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