The Legend of the Power Rangers: Destiny Warriors
Number 4
Number of episodes: 32
First episode: Destiny Call, Part 1
Last episode: The Ranger Trials, Part 5
Intro: The Legend of the Power Rangers: Destiny Warriors/Theme Song
Adapted from: ?
Original airing: ?
Author: Talix
Production Order
The Legend of the Power Rangers: Galaxy Heroes
The Legend of the Power Rangers: Destiny Warriors is the fourth and final season of the Legend series, which is the reboot of the Mighty Morphin era.


With Dalin, the Syndicate, and the Dominion gone forever and their Ranger allies departed back, the rangers could finally live their lives as normal teenagers. However, just as they want to believe their lives are back to normal. A new enemy arrives, and she has returned from the future to make things her own. Corey, Mary, Travis, Kara, Jordan, and Neo must battle this new foe and her rising army before she changes the past and allows the world to go back to darkness.


Nova Rangers

Color Role
  Corey Willis
  Mary Sanchez
  Travis Parker
  Kara Moore
  Jordan Brooks

Celestrial Ranger

Color Role




  • Morphers
    • Star Morpher
    • Celestrial Morpher
  Blazin Blaster
  Lighting Grips
  Wave Staff
  Aerial Bow
  Terra Axe
  • Star Cannon
    • Super Star Cannon
    Corona Luna Striker
  • Zephyr Armor
  • Twilight Racers
  • Zora Hovercycle
  • Power Carrier
  • Nebula Battlezier (Combination of all Nebula saber and the Zephyr power)
    • Nebula saber
  • Metallic Armor


  • Supreme Nova Megazord
  • Super Nova Megazord
  • Nova Megazord
  Phoenix zord
  Gorilla zord
  Shark zord
  Eagle zord
  Ram zord
  • Clestrial Megazord
  Sun zord
  Moon zord
  • Zephyr Megazord (The power of the Zephyr and Power Carrier)
  • Nebula zord

Destiny Warriors Opening theme

Song by Aaron Waters


  1. Destiny Call, Part 1
  2. Destiny Call, Part 2
  3. Destiny Call, Part 3
  4. Ranger Nation
  5. Alpha and Omega
  6. Trust Me
  7. Lucky You
  8. Tournament of Warriors, Part 1
  9. Tournament of Warriors, Part 2
  10. Tournament of Warriors, Part 3
  11. Tournament of Warriors, Part 4
  12. Golden Child
  13. Innocence
  14. Not So Colorful
  15. Red Goes Rogue, Part 1
  16. Red Goes Rogue, Part 2
  17. Marvin Returns
  18. Small Wonders
  19. Losers Goes First
  20. The Seekers
  21. History Imperfect
  22. A Lesson of Defeat
  23. World’s Fair
  24. Of Great Importance
  25. Jordan’s Decision
  26. Stop Larasia, Part 1
  27. Stop Larasia, Part 2
  28. The Ranger Trials, Part 1
  29. The Ranger Trials, Part 2
  30. The Ranger Trials, Part 3
  31. The Ranger Trials, Part 4
  32. The Ranger Trials, Part 5
  • Final episode of The Legend of the Power Rangers

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