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The Legend of the Power Rangers: Galaxy Heroes
Number 3
Number of episodes: 46
First episode: A Ranger New World
Last episode: Against All Odds, Part 3
Intro: The Legend of the Power Rangers: Galaxy Heroes/Theme Song
Adapted from: ?
Original airing: ?
Author: Talix
Production Order
The Legend of the Power Rangers: Shadow Wars
The Legend of the Power Rangers: Destiny Warriors
The Legend of the Power Rangers: Galaxy Heroes is the third season of the Legend series, which is the reboot of the Mighty Morphin era.


After defeating the Prince of Darkness, the rangers hope they finally brought peace back to the world and the Shadow Empire has been stopped once again. However evil never is defeated when Dalin decides to recruit new allies—much more dangerous and much stronger than any creature the rangers have faced. Now calling themselves the Syndicate, Dalin and his allies unleashes all kinds of terror into many parts of the world; Zordon realizes now is the time to have other rangers to join the Nova Rangers into stopping Dalin once and for all. With new rangers, new weapons, and new zords, the Nova Rangers could finally end the empire, but there are much more secrets to the Syndicate’s plan, something that involves the resurrection of the first evil known as the Dominion.


Nova Rangers

Color Role
  Corey Willis
  Mary Sanchez
  Travis Parker
  Kara Moore
  Jordan Brooks

Celestrial Ranger

Color Role

Zenith Rangers

Color Role Actor

Raptor Ranger

Color Role

Diadem Ranger

Color Role
  Unknown idenity

Trek Rangers

Color Role




  • Morphers
    • Star Morpher
    • Celestrial Morpher
    • Zenith Morpher
    • Raptor Morpher
    • Diadem Card
    • Trek Controller
  Blazin Blaster
  Lighting Grips
  Wave Staff
  Aerial Bow
  Terra Axe
  • Star Cannon
    • Super Star Cannon
    Corona Luna Striker
  • Zenith Sword
  • Raptor Claw
  • Diadem Fighter
  • Trek Laser
  • Zephyr Armor
  • Twilight Racers
  • Zora Hovercycle
  • Raptor Rider
  • Zenith Callers
  • Diadem Flyers
  • Trek Rovers
  • Power Carrier
  • Terris Starship
  • Nebula Battlezier (combination of the Zenith power and the Nebula saber)
    • Nebula Saber


  • Omegus Gigazord (All the zords combine)
  • Supreme Nova Megazord
  • Super Nova Megazord
  • Nova Megazord
  Phoenix zord
  Gorilla zord
  Shark zord
  Eagle zord
  Ram zord
  • Clestrial Megazord
  Sun zord
  Moon zord
  • Zephyr Megazord (The power of the Zephyr and Power Carrier)
  • Nebula Zord
  • Zenith Megazord
  • Raptor Zord
  • Diadem Spinner
  • Trek RoverZord
    • Trek Rovers

Galaxy Heroes Opening theme

Song by Aaron Waters


  1. A Ranger New World
  2. Task at Hand
  3. A Tale of Two Rangers, Part 1
  4. A Tale of Two Rangers, Part 2
  5. Report It to Junction
  6. Zordon’s True Story
  7. War at Home, Part 1
  8. War at Home, Part 2
  9. War at Home, Part 3
  10. Signal from Space
  11. Battle Away
  12. The Zenith Arrival, Part 1
  13. The Zenith Arrival, Part 2
  14. Anyone’s Game
  15. Opportunity Knocks
  16. Rage of the Raptor
  17. Team Times Two
  18. Ranger Roulette, Part 1
  19. Ranger Roulette, Part 2
  20. Ranger Roulette, Part 3
  21. Spinning into Danger
  22. Nexin versus Aceus
  23. Enemy Among Us
  24. One More Team
  25. Crossing at Styx, Part 1
  26. Crossing at Styx, Part 2
  27. Stark Psycho Mad, Part 1
  28. Stark Psycho Mad, Part 2
  29. Dartz’s Gambit
  30. The Unreal World
  31. Last Goodbye
  32. Dark Seige, Part 1
  33. Dark Seige, Part 2
  34. Dark Seige, Part 3
  35. Find the Mole
  36. Mission: Imposter-ble
  37. Abel and Willing
  38. Jumping the Ghost Ship
  39. Solitude and the Dominion
  40. Tears of the Prophet
  41. Rise of the Syndicate
  42. Fall of the Mentors
  43. The Greater Good
  44. Against All Odds, Part 1
  45. Against All Odds, Part 2
  46. Against All Odds, Part 3
  • Lord Dalin and the Syndicate are all destroyed; Marvin departs the team

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