The Master is the leader and first in command of the Forever Furious rangers.

The Master
Gender: male
Colors: {{{color}}}
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Grave Beginnings (Part 1)
Last Appearance: Endings (Part 2)
Number of Episode
Actor: Iwata Norikazu


He was a world class martial arts champion and managed to beat all of his colleagues and teachers. He was later sent away to a higher class and finally graduated. From there, he assembled a team of Power Rangers, whom he dubbed Forever Furious, and used them to fight the forces of evil (aka Master Zurui).

During the series

He is the mentor of the Forever Furious rangers and is often the one the team looks up to when in need of help or advice. During the final episodes, he was beat by Zurui, only to be resurrected by the Power Rangers.

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