The Power of Morphers is the first episode of Power Rangers: Ranger Force.


-Jaden, Teresa, Brandon, Karly, and Zero were at a construction site.-

(Zero): The shortcut home! WOO!

-Suddenly, a blue flash is shown.-

(Jaden): It looks like a floating head!

-Brandon charged toward the blue and Zordon was shown.-

(Zordon): Take these Morphers...

-Morphers appeared on the teens' wrists. Suddenly, Putty Patrollers destroyed Zordon.-

(Teresa): Let's do this!

-Teresa activated her Morpher out of instinct. She was Turbo Yellow.-

(Teresa): Whoa!

-Brandon activated his, mimicking Teresa. He was Samurai Blue.-

(Brandon): What the...?

-Jaden was beating up putties. He morphed into Red Wild.-


-Jaden destroyed several putties. Karly morphed into the White Dino Thunder Ranger.-

(Karly): Uh...?

-Zero morphed into Rescue Green.-

(Zero): Green on!

(Teresa): Seriously?

-Teresa demorphed when Goldar hit her morpher.-

(Teresa): Hey!

(Brandon): Teresa! Watch out!

-Brandon attacked Goldar with his Spin Sword.-

(Goldar): Ya know what?

-Goldar grew to the size of Megazord.-

(Brandon): Let's see...

(Jaden): Mystic Titan!

-Jaden transformed to Mystic Red and called upon Mystic Pheonix.-

-To be written...-

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