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The Scientist
1, Episode 4
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The Scientist is the fourth episode of Power Rangers Rebirth: War. This episode will explain the origins of the villainous scientist Arthur Lopez. It will also reveal not one, but two terrible revelations about him that will reveal that he seeks the same goal that the Nazis tried to do. And that goal was nothing more than world domination.


Our story begins in an uncharted island in the higher north of Europe which is occupied by the Nazis. It is a heavily fortified fortress which is a secret base to launch a nuclear weapon. We see a fleet of planes reaching the island. In one of the planes, the soldiers are preparing for combat. One of them is in between being extremely nervous and ready, of course, it's part of how they enter a combat zone. He is Daniel Mason, early to mid twenties, Beverly's great-grandfather and Harry's grandfather. A gruff, strict and tough Captain smoking a cigar stands up to brief his soldiers.

May 15th, 1945

Capt. Thornton: Alright troops! You wanted a briefing. Intelligence has revealed that many of Hitler's secret forces have taken refuge on this island should he be dead, which he already is. But, our sources have confirmed about some kind of a "superweapon" that is aimed at the United States.

Cpl. Swofford: Superweapons? Wonder how they manage to create those?

Capt. Thornton: No one really knows Swofford. Only if we can infiltrate that stronghold.

Swofford looks at Daniel looking at a picture of his beloved wife Patricia and newborn son Bartholomew who puts it in his pocket.

Cpl. Swofford: Your wife and son?

Daniel: Yes. They are.

Capt. Thornton: Mason, I hope that what you say is true we can put this weapon out of commission.

Daniel: Yes sir!

Suddenly from the front window we see firepower hitting one of the planes taking it down and more aggressive firepower hitting other planes.

Capt. Thornton: DAMN! Lock and load soldiers! This is it.

On the surface we see many paratroopers landing as the Nazis fire at them. Allied soldiers are charging, and back in the plane, Daniel takes his Thompson machine gun, two grenades, and a hand gun and jumps down alongside his fellow troops and lands on the beach.

Capt. Thornton: Mason! Over here! Get over here! Hurry!

Mason gets closer by avoiding enemy fire as there are bunkers shooting savagely. And takes cover behind a small boat.

Capt. Thornton: This place is heavily guarded. Judging by the firing they know we're coming to destroy this thing that they're making. We have to find a way inside the fort and take out that weapon. But here...

Thornton takes a sniper rifle from a dead soldier next to him and hands it to Daniel

Capt. Thornton: Take down these krauts in the bunkers and don't go losing an eye or your brains soldier! Now shoot!

Daniel uses the scope to zoom at his targets who are shooting most of his fellow soldiers. Many are killed or injured others hide to avoid enemy fire. Daniel takes the shot against two on the left bunker and repeats the process on the right bunker. Giving his fellow soldiers time to press on.

Capt. Thornton: Bunkers are down! CHAAAAAAARGE!

All the soldiers exchange enemy fire on both sides. Daniel leads his unit and Captain into a trench that leads inside the underground base. Inside the base, Daniel uses his Thompson assault rifle shooting down as many Nazis as he can. A Nazi charges him with a knife and a struggle begins. Daniel knees his enemy in the groin twice, twists his arm in order to loosen his grip on the knife as Daniel claims it and stabs him in the back multiple times. As they leave the underground areas, they see the castle, 300 meters from them.

Capt. Thornton: Good job Mason! They could be hiding something what could be a nuclear strike aimed at America. We can't let those krauts launch that. If they do, the war tips in favor of the Axis.

Inside the castle, we see officers and soldiers ready to defend the fortress. BOOM! The door breaks open as the US soldiers break inside. Capt. Thornton shoots down three officers while Daniel takes out one. Inside a control room, we see a scheming looking scientist glancing at the missile is ready for launch.

Scientist: (in German) Obwohl er weg ist, kann mein Plan, Amerika zu zerstören, fortfahren. Und damit werden wir die Flut dieses Krieges umdrehen. (English) Although he is gone, my plan to destroy America can proceed. And with it, we shall turn the tide of this war.

Daniel breaks inside and aims his rifle at the scientist.

Daniel: Cancel the launch doctor! Do it now! NOW!

Scientist: You think you can stop the inevitable? You are wrong American!

Daniel: For your information, Hitler is dead!

Scientist: (angry) American idiot! Look at this! This is not about Hitler!

Three soldiers burst from the left door and two more from the right. Daniel runs outside as they open fire while the mad scientist presses the button to launch the weapon into the United States. Daniel's squad comes to his rescue and shoots down the enemy soldiers as the Scientist runs away. The alarm begins to blare as the coundown begins

Daniel: Damn it! The missile will launch.


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