Thunder Dragonzord
Pilot: Tommy Oliver
Season Power Rangers: Lost Year

The Thunder Dragonzord is the Thunderzord form of the Dragonzord used by Tommy Oliver when the original form isn't enough.


The Thunder Dragonzord is a green version of the normal Dragon Thunderzord with golden accents on the arms instead of silver, slighter shorter horns and a different chestplate design.


The Thunder Dragonzord is able to transform from a eastern dragon to a warrior able to fight monsters on it's own as it's go-to ablity. It can also breath flames and attack with it's claws in Dragon mode. When in warrior mode, it can electrify it's fists and summon forth a staff with drills on either end.

Megazord Combinations

Dragon Thunder Megazord

The Dragon Thunder Megazord results when the Thunder Dragonzord replaces the Red Dragon Thunderzord in the Thunder Megazord combination, granting it enhanced speed and agility. It's finishing move is the Thunder Banisher, a blast of lightning from the Thunder Megazord Saber.

Riding Thunder Dragonzord

This combination is formed when the Thunder Dragonzord rides atop the White Tiger Thunderzord. It's finisher is the Riding Thunder Slash, A slash with the Thunder Dragonzord's staff surrounded by lightning added to a barrage of White Tiger Thunderbolts.

Silverized Thunder Ultrazord

The Silverized Thunder Ultrazord results when the Thunder Dragonzord is riding Tor while Tor is being towed by Silver Titanus. It can shoot a massive amount of energy beam at once and it's finisher is the Silverized Thunder Blast, A massive beam of lightning made from all of the 3 Zord's usable energies.