Tommy Joseph Oliver
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers Mega Samurai
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Actor: Zac Efron

Tommy was a trained basketball player who had a chance in the NBA, but instead became a Mega Samurai Ranger. Tommy is the Mega Red Ranger but when his powers are gone, he'll find hos true form as the White Ranger.

Long ago there was a time when evil ruled all. Then there was a day like any other 5 brave people came up and defeted that evil to this day they are known as the Power Rangers

His morpher looks like a iPhone but the back is the power coin of the T-Rex. When he morphs he says "Power Ranger up!"

His zords are White Tiger, Bullshark and the Dragonzord Tommy job as a ranger is to defeat the evil that his father did.

MMPR Red Dragon-1

Tommy Josph Oliver Dragon Zord

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