Two Captains, One General
Megaforce (Tim's Version), Episode 10
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Two Captains, One General is the tenth episode of Power Rangers Megaforce (Tim's Version) and is the debut of General Slashblade, the Ostrich Zord, Boxer-Tron, and the Gosei Great Megazord: Hyper Mode.


Creepox gets caught for planning against Vrak thus getting demoted and then replaced by an even worse foe and his cohorts for the rangers to handle. During this crisis, Gosei assigns his co-leagues to work on a special replacement for the Green Ranger.


In class, Mr. Burley was teaching the students in class about the history lessons of the traitor in the French-Indian War known as Benedict Arnold. At the same time, Jordan was rather depressed about what happened yesterday and Noah was just trying to cheer him up but they both have to stay focused. Jake felt like he was being left out from Noah but he never the less cared about Jordan. Troy was thinking to himself about the possibility of why Creepox wanted that morpher in the first place but he couldn't figure out why. Gia was writing down on her report while Emma was gloomily staring at the window.

Mr. Burley approaches to Emma to see what was wrong with her and Emma said to him that she just had a bad dream last night. Mr. Burley asked her of what was the bad dream about and she whispered to him in order to avoid attention. Mr. Burley was saddened by this and then offered her his advice to think of enjoying with her friends and having fudgy the whale. Emma thanks him for that. Gia whispered to her of what's going on and Emma quietly whispers to her that the dream was about her late mother when she was young until she passed away in front of her. Gia was sad to hear that but reminds her that she and the others will always be there, just like Emma's dad did. Emma was happy about it before going back to her report.

In space, Creepox was testing his Green Ranger powers on the selected Loogies in his dorms to see if there was any difference in his strength and the strength that he has right now in this form. He's had the Loogies charging at him with full fury before getting obliterated instantly by the combined strength and the Ostrich Staff. Creepox was deviously smiling to himself as he will be using that form on Vrak once he begins the right moment. But unknown to Creepox, there was a Zombat in the ceiling vent, peeping through it.

In Vrak's room, he watches through his monitors as he had been spying on Creepox the entire time through the Zombat's surveillance view, catching the action. He thought to himself that with the evidence that he now holds, Creepox is going to be in deep peril for planning to assassinate him, especially from getting yesterday's footage. Malkor calls Creepox and Vrak through the loud speakers to have them reported to the meeting room. Vrak and Creepox simultaneously come through while giving each other evil eyes.

Malkor has the two front in center as he tells them that Strike Team Supernova are coming back to join them from their accomplished mission. Creepox was relieved that his home planet has been occupied and Vrak could hardly wait to meet them. Malkor then approaches to Creepox and then asked him if he "noticed" that the Green Ranger was missing. Creepox claims to have been in the training room the whole time just so he can be prepared for the next operation, much to Malkor's disbelief. Vrak smiles to himself about the upcoming outcome and what they have in stored for Creepox.

Creepox: "What seems to be the problem, Admiral sir? Do you not believe me?"

Malkor: "Of course I do, my dearest "loyal" subordinate. Why wouldn't I?

Creepox: "*whew* For a second there, I've thought you were going to replace me for those past failures."

Malkor: "Actually, there is more to know about you than just that, Ranger!"

Creepox: "NO!"

Malkor: "Loogies, SEIZE HIM!"

Then from out of nowhere, four Loogies retrain Creepox from going anywhere as he struggles to get free.

Vrak: "Oh Creepox. Did you really think that we've didn't know what you were going to do. Did you?!"

Creepox: "I don't know what you are talking! Release me this instant!"

Malkor: "Don't deny it, Creepox! It will only end so "well" for you, if you don't tell me why you've had obtained one of the rangers' morphers without MY CONSENT!"

Creepox: "You've got no proof of anything! Vrak has been lying to you!"

Malkor: "Really? Then explain THIS!"

Vrak: "You were not the only one who've had tricks up in his sleeves."

Vrak then inserts a disk inside of the monitor module's compartment, showing footage of Creepox's plan, who've he had been talking to, and demonstrating his ability of the Green Ranger's power, much to Creepox's chagrin.

Malkor then proceeds to tell him one last time to either spill the beans or face his darkest hour. Then from out of the blue, a deep British accented voice is coming from the corridors along with appears to be three Insectoids walking down towards the main room.

???1: "OY! What has been going on here?"

???2: "Yeh, how come you guys were having a party while we didn't, HUH?!"

???3: "*Nonsensical slobbery gibberish* WHERE ARE THE MUNCHIES AND CRUNCHIES?"

The three had spun around to find out that Strike Team Supernova had just arrived in not a moment to soon. Malkor has Creepox sitting down on a chair while the Loogies are at their guard. Malkor was very pleased to see Slashblade and his two captains again after their longtime mission on capturing Onyx. Creepox in contrast, is not very pleased to see the green and red Insectoid, Shockeron because he is as whiny and rude as he could possibly get because in his own words, "he is a loathesome grouch who just won't shut up about his crummy life". Munch was never paying attention because he was gorging himself in the refrigerator, while Malkor discusses about the problem with the Power Rangers halting their plans with removing the resistance. 

Slashblade was not very happy about this and wants to find them lifeless. Malkor rest assures to him that they will get through with this but right now, they've had to deal with a "certain" Insectoid in the room. Slashblade was confused as wanted to know what he meant by "a certain Insectoid" but none the less comes across Vrak who'm he had never met before.

Vrak: "So you are truly the one and only Slashblade. It's an honor to meet you."

Slashblade: "Why of course I am. But may I ask what your name is, little boy blue?"

Vrak: "Hrmm. The name's Vrak. I've been sent by my family to work alongside with you Insectoids to remove the resistances from the planets."

Slashblade: "I see. So you are essentially "new" here, right?"

Vrak: "In a way. Yes. I've had been working on machines and currently a super soldier serum."

Slashblade: "I would like to assist you with your experiments some time."

Malkor: "If you excuse me but we do have a problem with Creepox."

Slashblade: "What? He was "that" Insectoid you've had mentioned? What he has done to be blamed for?"

Malkor: "He's had been planning to put down Vrak with a stolen Ranger Morpher and we have the footage to prove it."

Slashblade: "Inconceivable!"

Creepox was glaring at Malkor for telling him to the truth and showing him the footage while he is being restrained by the Loogies. Slashblade was infuriated about Creepox's plans. Slashblade walks up to Creepox and threatens him that if he ever touches one Insectoid, he would dice him into cubes and Creepox tells him that he will get "the last laugh" eventually. Malkor turns to Creepox and punishes him for his attempt at life by stripping him of his high rank to being a mere soldier, much to Creepox's mental breakdown. Shockeron without hesitation snickered and heckled at Creepox while Munch was chomping on his popcorn loudly at Creepox's expense.

Munch: "*munch* *crunch* *krmmpf* Tough luck, Creepy."

Shockeron: "Yeh. Like he said."

Creepox: "SHUT UP!"

Shockeron: "Whoa! HEY! Don't be giving me a low brow, Low Weight! Ha ha ha ha!"

Malkor turns to Creepox that he is going to have that morpher confiscated for the time being while Slashblade is taking over his role as second in command. Slashblade then orders Shockeron and Munch to escort him to his room before they are ready for their assignment. Creepox was very angry but restrained himself while the morpher was taken away from him and being escorted by the two annoying captains. Unknown to the others however, Creepox had already stashed something in his room from Vrak while he smiles to himself, like as if he had a plan in mind.

On Earth, the six rangers are at Ernie's Brainfreeze, discussing about whatever they are going to do now that Creepox has stolen Jordan's morpher is out of the question at this point right now. Jake wouldn't believe that a morpher would ever work for someone who is a bad guy. Noah points out before that Jordan's was an old prototype, there for is a possibility for it to happen. Gia tells Noah that they don't want to upset Jordan even further about it. Jordan was very quiet because he is writing down on his report. Emma asked Troy if he had figured out anything about Creepox's plan with that morpher and he thinks back to that second time he fought Creepox on the broadcast station where he had mention about him being "no different than Vrak". He then realizes that he knows the reason of why he has the morpher and Emma was asking for it. He believes he was planning to one off Vrak because he must've hated him for a reason or rather a BIG reason.

Ernie Alcawicz approaches to the six with their Kiwi Milkshakes and asked Jordan if he is alright because he looked so worried about something important to him lost. Jordan replied that he was just worrying about not going to college and Ernie tells that when he was his age, he couldn't fit in with the college teens back then because he was essentrically awkward but he took practices with balancing that flaw with a neutral mindset before he left college. Jordan was confused about it until Ernie mentioned that he just simply had to watch VHS tapes of how to understand his social cues. Jordan then understands that but he was already seeing that Ernie is still a tad eccentric, not that if there was anything wrong with that but it's what made him normal than the rest, much to Ernie's gratitude. Ernie then heads back to his counter while the rangers have their milkshakes.

The six finish their milkshakes as they've had gotten calls from Gosei to come to the command center immediately! The six run out of Ernie's Brainfreeze not before Jordan thanked Ernie for the advice as he says good bye. The six hide in the bushes to teleport without getting noticed by anyone and then they've arrived at the command center. The Rangers had asked Gosei of what the problem was and Gosei tells them that since Creepox had gotten his claws on Jordan's morpher and powers, he's decided to bring back "an old project" to replace the Green Ranger. Jordan asked him of what it is and Gosei tells him that it is an old Mini Battle Zord locked away in the basement which has a trapdoor beneath Gosei's metallic head. The rangers were astounded, that they would like to check it out and Gosei gives them his consent before telling Tensou to tour them down. Tensou presses a button on the command console to open the trap door and the rangers go down with Tensou. Gia tells Gosei to let them know if there is any Warstar activities and Gosei acknowledges. 

The six teens and Tensou go through the dark metal corridors as they witness each of the inventions that Gosei had created a long time ago, especially this certain silver and gold humanoid figure with a red visor which caught Troy's attention. Gia spoke to Troy if there was something wrong and he said that he thinks he has found a discovery there. Just as they were about to peek into the robotic humanoid, Tensou called the two to come over and see what Gosei had been talking about and so the two caught up with the others. When the six approached to Tensou, Tensou tells them that the "thing" under the sheets was once used in a war against an old sorcerer named Ivan Ooze during the 1980's and it has not been used since this. Jordan asked if this thing was the "mini battlezord" Gosei was talking about. Tensou confirms this before unveiling the old zord itself which is a boxy, humanoid, drone.

Emma asked Tensou of what use would this zord have since it's now in disrepair. Tensou explains that he and Gosei had been planning to rebuild it into a fully functional Battlezord that could be able to combine with the Gosei Great Megazord. Troy had asked Jordan if he is up to the task, he submitted to do whatever it takes to get back his morpher in any cost entirely. Tensou was happy and then the two take the old mini battlezord to the repair room. Troy had hoped that if this is going to help in their fight with the Insectoids, it should'nt be a problem and Gia could never agree more. Noah offered if they need his assistance and just as Tensou was about to answer, Gosei alerted the rangers through the loudspeakers to report to the command room immediately! The five rangers head back upstairs to see the monitors while Tensou and Jordan began doing their project together. Jake looked into the monitors showing the Loogies in three separate areas, all attacking the people at once! Gosei tells them that Malkor has sent out three commanders to draw them out in each of the locations. One commander named Shockeron is in the central park, the second named Munch in the town square, and the final one named Slashblade in the downtown district. 

Gia was really getting tired of the same divide and conquer being repeated THREE times than ever and even criticizes the fact those Insectoids really have no creativity in their plans. Jake tries to calm her down because they are going to have this fixed up. Troy notices something odd on the monitor showing what appears Creepox being bullied by Shockeron as if he is nothing more than a petty soldier. Gosei and the others notice that too as Creepox is being bossed around when they believe should be the other way around. Troy thinks that whatever the problem may be, they should not underestimate what ever those Insectoids are planning. Gosei agrees and then he suggests that they should be playing "safe" quo on quote. Gia questions of what he meant by "safe", Gosei answers that he has a plan to bluff the three squardrons into getting trapped for the kill and then the rangers listen on. Little did they know however that a Zombat is spying on the ceiling in the dark, without the rangers and Gosei knowing.

Meanwhile, Slashblade contacts Shockeron and Munch through his wrist communicator to have their forces "barricade" the city's weakest points and to ensure Creepox knows his place. Afterwards, Slashblade contacts Malkor if the "mole" had been deployed and Malkor answered. The rangers show up in their ranger forms already and they begin to split up to each of the locations. Troy and Emma go to Town Square, Jake heads off to Central Park, and Gia and Noah head to Downtown District. Munch was devouring the foods in the Panarama Grocery Market while the Loogies are carralling the prisoners into the freezer, Troy and Emma show up to fight the Loogies first before heading to Munch. Troy tells Munch to let the people go or be thrown into the deep freeze himself! Munch laughs his head about the "little trick-or-treaters" coming to mess with him and the "plan". Emma retorts that they're not kids, they're TEENS with attitude before lunging into the fight. Both Troy and Emma use their Power Cards and their weapons on Munch to no avail. He reveals that anything he eats such as metal, ice, fire, electric, and etc., his body will become that element, much to their shock. Because their wind powered Power Cards have no effect on him. Munch then starts wailing on the two as he had eaten more metal!

In Central Park, Jake shows up to confront Shockeron and his forces! Shockeron complains that he has to fight ONE ranger when he should have all FIVE of them! Jake teases him not to get worked up, otherwise his "bulb might burst one day", much to Shockeron's annoyance. Jake fights off against Shockeron and at first, he was getting the upperhand since he had his land based Power Cards. But from out of the blue, fireballs shot Jake on the spot and it was Creepox who did it! Shockeron revealed to have planned all this to have his "pet" help him out as he proceeds to electrocute Jake! Creepox was glaring at this before leaving somewhere with something in his hand. 

In the Downtown District, Gia and Noah try to contact Troy, Emma, and Jake if they are alright but no response. The two were getting worried and it seems like they've had forgotten Gosei's plan as the Loogies are swarming them. The Loogies then paused as Slashblade comes down to confront the two rangers. Gia tells Slashblade they are going to stop him and his friends in their tracks. Slashblade laughs in Gia's face not because of their resiliance nor the fact that the rangers think they are going to win, but rather a "little useless house maid" is telling him what to do. Gia was infuriated with that misogynistic comment and Noah tells him to back off. Slashblade refuses as "puny pipesqueezers" like Gia or any other girl are "inferior", especially if they are fighting against him. Noah tries to calm Gia down but it was the last straw! Gia just immediately calls Slashblade, "her permanent deadmeat" before going after him! Slashblade laughs hysterically as he shot Geno Beams at the yellow ranger! Gia uses her Rockrush Card to block the shots and then slashes Slashblade across his chest! Slashblade did not flinch and then he proceeds to pummel Gia. Noah tries to reach out to Gia but he is trying his best to get pass the Loogies! Gia and Slashblade were evenly matched until he unleashed his barrage of Geno Beams at the buildings where innocent people could be inside! Noah contacts Gosei to hurry up with the "weapon"!

Troy and Emma were still having a hard time dealing with Munch as he had been taking on the elements he had kept devouring. The two then remembered what Gosei's plan was as they've contacted Noah, Jake, and Gia that they've got to get the three bugs together into the abandoned warehouse!  Troy and Emma lure Munch by running away from the battle! Not before the two summoned the Sky Zord Team to destroy the Loogie forces in the two square!

Jake gets called by Gosei that the "weapon" has been completed and it should be at the warehouse! Shockeron was about deal with the final blow but Jake uses his Land Zord Team drive him and the Loogies off! Shockeron gets hit by the blasts, allowing Jake to run away, luring Shockeron in the process! 

Gia and Slashblade are still going at it while Noah uses the Hydrosplash and Sea Zord Team cards to take out the fire and save the people! Noah tells Gia to hurry up and follow the plan! Gia says she knows before blinding Slashblade in the face with her Mega Blaster! The two rangers leave to the warehouse while Slashblade is behind their tails! The Loogies get destroyed by the Sea Zord Team as the two rangers run off.  Little did anyone knew however that Creepox had been watching from the sidelines, biding his time to strike. 

The five rangers each brought their Insectoid into the abandoned warehouse with them and then the doors get barricaded! The rangers now seemed to have gotten them surrounded as there are five of them versus three of them now! Troy questions those three of what they are going to do now, Slashblade answers that it was EXACTLY what they've wanted the rangers to do, much to their confusion. Munch and Shockeron explain that they are the Strike Team SuperNova and THEY are the ones who've had tricked the rangers! Slashblade reveals that there were more Loogies than what the rangers have thought as more Loogies crashed through the ceiling! The Loogies aim at the rangers at point blank and shot them down! Slashblade reveals that Vrak was the one who've had sent down the Zombat to feed on the rangers' plan to counter it! The rangers were trembling in pain as Shockeron uses a metalized Munch as a club before electrocuting him into a electical metal club! Slashblade then charges up his energy to boost Shockeron's strength to give the rangers a powerful team combo attack dubbed, the SuperNova Climax! The five were sent flyng into the walls while being in disbelief that their plan had been found out! 

Just as the rangers were about to be exterminated by the powerful strike team, a blue blur attacks the Loogie forces in the entire warehouse and to the rangers' relief, a familiar voice was speaking through the blue being. It was Jordan and in their eyes lie the same humanoid Mini Battle Zord, Boxer-Tron, fighting by their side! The three were flabbergasted as their Loogies had been destroyed and the rangers get back together to take them all down! The three were being taken down by the combined force of the five rangers and Boxer-Tron. 

Suddenly, fireballs shot at the rangers from the ceiling and outcomes Creepox coming to take down the rangers. Slashblade and the two captains were angry and questioned him of where he had been. Creepox tells them it's for a "good" reason as he tells Troy that it's just the two of them now. Troy couldn't agree more as the two lunge at each other for the dealing blows after another. Jake was wondering where he went as the two fought to the death. Slashblade, Shockeron, and Munch go after the five. Gia once again takes on her sexist rival this time with Emma by her side, Noah, Boxer-Tron/Jordan, and Jake both take Shockeron and Munch together as well. Things were going so brutal right there until Creepox had gotten the upper hand on Troy and was about to finish him off, he stops and reveals that he had been waiting to try out his "new toy" on the rangers and the "worthless ones"! Everyone were confused until Creepox had pulled out a very familiar weapon, it was Jordan's Morpher in his hands! Jordan was more flusterated that his morpher is here and Slashblade thought the morpher had been confiscated from him! Creepox laughs out loud to that statement and reveals that he had secretly stole the morpher without being detected using a "special tool". The three demanded to know what but Creepox refused to tell as he talks down to the rangers by thanking them for all of the trouble that he went through to get that morpher. The rangers (mostly Jordan) were infuriated by this as Creepox morphs into the Megaforce Green Ranger right in front of them! Creepox was much bulkier in the suit than it does for Jordan as he proceeds to deliver a beatdown to Troy with his added power before going into the rangers! He took them down one by one and not even Jordan/Boxer-Tron could stop him! Slashblade and the two were impressed and it seems that Creepox has redeemed himself but Creepox turns to the three and blasts them down too! 

In space, Malkor was angry about how his former second in command has the green ranger powers and is attacking them all! Even Vrak himself was concerned about this too. On Earth, Troy demanded to know as to why he is attacking his own comrades. Creepox begins to laugh hysterically and psychologically before telling the rangers that he had been planning to kill Vrak with those powers, just so he can maintain being second in command and get rid of anyone who stood in his way on his quest for power. He even goes as far as to mention getting a reward for 20,000 Moon Pieces as an added bonus. The rangers were repulsed by this and Creepox mentions that he knew that Malkor wouldn't allow this, he would go as far as to assassinate him too, for taking Vrak's side for the past 13 years of his life on the sidelines! In space, Malkor was horrified by this statement and was shaking with anger to hear Creepox's dark secret! Vrak points out to his admiral that he even knew what Creepox meant by the "worthless ones", it's THEMSELVES!

Troy yells at Creepox of what he is doing is wrong in so many ways, even for him! Creepox doesn't care as he summons the Ostrich Zord into the battle field! The Ostrich Zord broke through the wall of the warehouse in the hopes of destroying both the rangers and his former comrades! Jordan was horrified beyond belief that his own zord had been summoned by his enemy! Creepox commands the Ostrich Zord to eradicate his foes, Mega Ranger and Insectoid alike! The rangers and Insectoid brace for themselves as the robotic green bird is charging towards them and shot lightning out of it's beak! They were flying everywhere into the walls and on the ground as the Ostrich Zord layed carnage! Troy was determined to stop Creepox by fighting over the morpher! 

The Ostrich Zord was continueing with it's carnage on the rangers. Jordan/Boxer-Tron tried to block Ostrich Zord from attacking his friends while they've had made their escape. Slashblade and his two cohorts attempt to shoot at Creepox while Troy is struggling to get the morpher back. But Ostrich Zord knocks Boxer-Tron aside to the SuperNova's attention and went straight toward them! Creepox was doing everything he can to stop Troy from ruining his plan as he fought him with Jordan's weapon, the Ostrich Staff against Troy's Dragon Sword. The four rangers get Boxer-Tron back up and try to aim at Creepox. Ostrich Zord was zapping at the villains and sent them flying again! Slashblade looked liked he was about to get the last blow, until Munch and Shockeron ran to his aid to shield him! Slashblade was flabbergasted and orders the two to get out of the way! But they've had refused because they've believed that their time is up.

Slashblade: "Please, my brothers! I cannot allow you two to do this!"

Shockeron: "What's da point, Slash? We bugs look out for each otha'."

Munch: "Yeah. You are one of the only ones I've had cared about besides the grub."

Shockeron: "I've promised to you during our days with the Desolonian Empire that I would clean up mah act and move on."

Slashblade: "Y-you two.."

Munch: "Same h-here. Bye-bye, best friend."

Shockeron: "See ya, Slashblade."


Slashblade: "*sniffle* NOOOOOOO!!! *slams fist to the ground in misery*"

Slashblade gets back up, pumped with rage, and blasts Geno Beams and slash strikes at the accursed bird for the murder of his friends! The Ostrich Zord was knocked aside as Slashblade charges at the traitorous slug for what he did! Creepox fends off both Troy and Slashblade until the rangers and Jordan shot Creepox from behind! Creepox retaliates by shooting his own Mega Blaster at the rangers but Jordan/Boxer-Tron punches the blasts back at Creepox in an instant, demorphs and dropping the morpher. Troy gets the morpher back and yanks out the Ostrich Zord, making it disappear in the process, ending it's terror. Just as the tired Troy thanks his friends for the help and tells Jordan that he has the morpher, much to his joy. Slashblade tells the rangers that they should leave the killing of Creepox to him. But that joy turned into horror as Creepox sprung back up and blasts both Troy and Slashblade! Creepox gets the morpher back and didn't care that he had lost the Zord anyway. Jordan charges at Creepox to get his morpher back, only to end up getting roundhouse kicked to the ground! Jake, Emma and Noah get Boxer-Tron and Troy to safety, Gia tells Creepox that they will not allow Creepox to take away anymore lives as it is. Creepox was disgruntled and outnumbered, but he still has the "special tool" as he unveils it. Much to Slashblade's shock and rangers' anticipation, he has a black round container for Zombats in his hand! On the ship, Vrak was surprised and shocked that Creepox had stolen one of his Zombat Containers from the lab, without him knowing it! Vrak then declares that Creepox has gone too far this time and Malkor couldn't agree more! 

Slashblade was too tired so he had to retreat to his space cruiser to make his escape. Creepox talks down to the rangers that this is their graveyard before going after his "so-called comrades in space". Troy weakly tells Creepox that no matter what he does, he will succeed only in failure. Creepox retorts that it will be the last thing Troy and his friends would ever say as he unleashes the Zombats on himself to grow giant sized, crumbling the warehouse. The rangers teleport out of here just as Creepox grew large. Emma urges Troy to get back that he can't be down for the count. Jordan/Boxer-Tron was already getting back up too but only just because of the fight. Gosei contacts the rangers that they have to stop Creepox before he destroys the whole city in one blow and they must call in their Megazords! Noah tells Gosei that Troy needs help with recovery. Gosei tells them that he will teleport Troy to the medic bay as soon as possible.

Troy wishes the five the best of luck before he recovers and the five rangers could'nt agree more, with the four having tears in their eyes. Troy gets teleported out of here and then the five make their stand against the gigantic Creepox himself. The four summon their Zords and Gosei remote controls the Dragon Zord into the battle. Gosei tells Jordan that Boxer-Tron has the ability to grow and Jordan was more than ready to do this in order to get revenge on the red menace. Boxer-Tron grew and the rangers form the Gosei Great Megazord. Creepox boasts that it was foolish for the rangers to fight against him anyway. Gia disagrees because everything is possible and Jordan tells Creepox that it was foolish of him to steal one's property just to gain what ever he could get his dirty claws on, including murdering his own allies! The fight was brutal to the max as the two Megazords fight Creepox in an epic showdown. Creepox charges up his Meteor Destroyer Wave at the two giants, knocking them over. The rangers tried everything they can do while Troy recovers and Jordan/Boxer-Tron pulls his weight to get back at Creepox. Creepox was much too powerful at this point as he mopped the floor with them. 

In the command center, Troy's recovery at the medic bay was 81% and Tensou was getting anticipated with the outcome. Jordan is doing all he can do to fight Creepox but he yells out to Gosei that this is not going anywhere. Gosei tells him that he had forgotten about what he and Tensou did to upgrade Boxer-Tron with combining it with the Megazord. Jordan completely slaps himself in the face that he had forgotten about it because of all the stress! Gosei urges Jordan that it's time for the two combine and Tensou has already created a Power Card for this. Troy was listening to all of this and gets back up. Tensou sees him and urges Troy to stay there for he has not fully recovered yet. Troy tells Tensou and Gosei that it doesn't matter what happens to him, as long as the fight is over and be done with! Jordan initially objectifies but Gosei understood what Troy meant and allows Troy to rejoin the fight. Troy then morphs up into Megaforce Red and thanks Gosei for this. Gosei tells Troy that he must bring the Power Card to the rangers once he gets there. The Power Card is called Gosei Great Megazord: Hyper Mode and it is a new combination of the Megazord, the Zord Teams, and Boxer-Tron together. Troy then teleports to the Megazord not before thanking Jordan for all of the help he gave to them during his time as a ranger, much to Jordan's happiness. 

Just as Creepox was about to disintegrate the Megazords, Troy rejoins with the four and tells them that this Power Card is their salvation. The rangers were anticipated but they have gotten no time to lose as they've had activated the card. Boxer-Tron and GGM get back up and double punches Creepox in the face before doing the merge sequence. All of the Zords were compiling into each other and thus the Gosei Great Megazord: Hyper Mode was complete! Creepox was astonished by this combination for he had felt a strong energy surge coming from it. Troy tells the rangers that they must end this battle with everything they have as Creepox charges up another Meteor Destroyer Wave. The rangers and Jordan combined all of their Zords' energies to form a super powerful Victory Charge called Hyper Zord Finish and it repelled against Creepox's blast. Creepox was struggling to keep it up but it was much too strong for him to handle! Creepox gets blasted into a flaming inferno by the Zord's powers and Jordan yells, "THIS IS FOR MY MORPHER!" Creepox wails in agony and was in disbelief that a bunch of miserable kids had defeated him as he explodes. Seemingly gave the rangers another mega win.

At the command center, Jordan was in relief that it's all over and the ranger teleport back, all tired from their greatest battle yet. Gosei was in relief that they've had survived this ordeal and Tensou activates the medic bay. Troy tells Jordan even though they've lost the morpher, they have reclaimed the Ostrich Zord and Jordan thanks Troy and the four for trying their best. Jake asks Gia of what if Slashblade comes back, she says that when he does, she is going to make her rival pay for those insults earlier. Emma tells her they are in this together and hopefully Creepox had better be gone. Gosei worries because he has a feeling that this isn't over for the rangers once the Warstar is taken down and later the empire. Troy tells the others that when the time comes, they will make sure that they are going to send those Insectoids packing and they couldn't agree more!

In the Warstar Spaceship, Slashblade was fuming with rage as he stares at the window, reflecting his memories about today and wished that he would've gotten the chance to deliver justice by eliminating Creepox but Vrak reassures to Slashblade that he promises that he and him would work together as partners in order to exact their revenge on the rangers and the super soldier serum is completed. Slashblade was somewhat relieved and thanked Vrak for comforting him because he reminded Slashblade of his days back when Shockeron and Munch were mere soldiers before taking them under his wing. Vrak appreciated him for the statement as he and his new partner head to the laboratory. In Malkor's room, Malkor was in a deep state of depression after that horrible day and wished that if only Creepox had been honest, he wouldn't have gone through with this intention. He even considered Creepox to be one of the most special pupils he had ever had until today. Little does he know however, that from outside of the window behind Malkor's back, a very charred and psychologically inept Creepox has survived, as he reaching into the opening hatch, laughing all the while..... 


  • This marks the first actual appearance of Slashblade.
  • The name of the episode is a spoof on the infamous lesbian porno, "Two Girls, One Cup".
  • In Goseiger, Slashblade (Targeito) was a monster of the day who've had seek to be promoted into second in command to Malkor (Mons Drake). Where in this series, Slashblade is a recurring antagonist and replacement of Creepox.
  • Munch's first line of dialogue is very similar to the Disney character from The Black Cauldron, Gurgie.
  • Shockeron and Munch's personalities are very akin to Sesame Street's muppet characters, Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster.
  • The lesson with Mr. Burley about Benedict Arnold plays out as a plot convenience for Creepox's status.
  • Just like Dereputa from Goseiger, he survived the giant fight. However unlike Dereputa where he was hiding out in the woods the whole time, he gets flung through space and invades the spaceship.
  • This marks the first occurrence of Gia's rivalry with Slashblade.
  • Slashblade's personality is in a key reference to Kilobyte from Power Rangers RPM, in terms of the misogynistic personality and his relationship with his female rival.
  • This episode is a combination based on four Goseiger Episodes. One with Shockeron's counterpart, the second with Munch's counterpart, the third with Slashblade (Targeito), and Creepox (Dereputa)'s giant fight.
  • This episode is the breaking point of Creepox's betrayal.
  • Unlike Targeito who've had no relations to Powerddark and Yokubabanger, Slashblade had a familiar relation to Shockeron and Munch as if they were like brothers to him.
  • Also unlike Targeito who scoffs at Buredoran (Vrak) for being a failure like Dereputa, he ends up having a respectful kinship to Vrak.