Uriel is a Fugot and the Black Darkness Ranger of Power Rangers Rescue Flame.


Uriel was created by Samael like the rest of the Fugots and served him as a commander of footsoldiers. In one confrontation with the Rescue Flame Rangers, He captured the Red Ranger and used his connection to the Morphing Grid to create two morphers by accident. Uriel brought them to Samael to examine them but overheard Samael plotting. He quickly ran with his sister Gabria to the Rangers and earned their trust in battle with a horde of Fugots. Later, Uriel examined the plans for the Rescue Flame Zords and created RF-04 to provide himself with one.

Powers and Arsenal

Uriel's main power is the ability to control shadows. He can use this to hide in shadows, fire blasts of shadows, teleport between shadows and absorb them into his body mass to grow. He is also able to create constructs of shadow such as wings for himself. Uriel's secondary powers include shapeshifting(Shared with his sister) and the ability to caculate at high speeds. While morphed, these get a boost of power.


  • Darkness Morpher
  • Darkness Hammer/Darkness Staff

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