Wild Rubix, Part 1
26, Episode 1
Wild Rubix 1
Written by Trey-El Ranger
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Wild Rubix, Part 2

Wild Rubix, Part 1 is the premiere episode of Power Rangers Animal Cube


When a human meets 4 humanimals, he is thrust apon an amazing Adventure


At a high school, a teen in a red hoodie is runing to a door. Just as the late bell rings, he makes it into the classroom. After his teacher chews him out, she tells Evan to go sit down. In class, he is evenually destracted by an Eagle and his teacher yells at him to pay attention. He blushes and looks to his left, where a kid in green and glasses quickly looks away.

Evan goes to lunch where he sits with his friend Randy Oxford and they talk all through lunch. While walking to his last class, Evan accidentally bumps into a guy in a leather jacket and a yellow v-neck, who turns with an annoyed expression. However, the kid in glasses from earlier tells "L" to calm down and that it wasn't on purpose.

In space, a bow and arrow themed ship comes to Earth's orbit, carrying a super tall monster with 4 others. The Female Monster reavels that this will be the 100th planet they've destroyed, and that they will celebrate their victory. The Leader, Ginus, however tells her not to assume before sending out 4 triangular ships with 10 monsters each, including a lieutenant of his, SpikeCannon.

At a rock quarry, Evan sits there listening to music as the ships beam down all 40 monsters. As Evan stands, SpikeCannon shoots at him and he is tackled by the kid in glasses, who introduces himself as Edward, "L" as Lyle, one of the 2 females as Shakira, and the other as Terra. Lyle tells Evan to evacuate as Evan's "lucky Charm" lights up, and reavels that the other teens have the same 4 cubes. Lyle asks him where he got the cube, but Edward says it's not important and tells Evan to hide.

When Evan looks back, the 4 have Morphers and transform into a team of Power Rangers. Edward was a Green Elephant, Lyle was a Yellow Lion, Shakira was a Blue Shark, and Terra was a White Tiger. Evan was shocked