Gender Male
Villain Type Main Villain
Series Power Rangers: Forever Furious
Master Zurui is the primary antagonist of Power Rangers: Forever Furious.


Zurui (Kuro Tochigi) was born during the early 1800s and was banished from his homeland due to several rebellious acts against his samurai code (or bushido). Threatening to destroy all the villages of Japan, he gathered a lost tribe of warriors, whom called themselves Ninjacks. His lust for power caused him to become insane, eventually turning on everyone. Once he was defeated, however, he was stored away in a magical vase, along with the Ninjacks.

During the series

A few months after the events of Dino Thunder, the jar was accidentally knocked over in a museum, releasing all the evil energy inside. Zurui took form and disappeared into thin air. He then began his plot of world domination, sending monster after monster to defeat the Power Rangers, but they somehow failed everytime. When Zurui confronted them himself, he was unbeatable. During the last episode, however, the rangers managed to defeat him.


He seems to have high blood pressure due to the fact that he takes numerous pills a day. He is also seen smacking his subjects around on several occassions. It is also revealed he has a soft spot for kittens, despite his monstrous and villainous ways.